As a former fat girl I love food!  But ever since I became a nutritionist, I know I have to eat specific nutrients to trigger my metabolism to burn fat.  The difference between winning and losing the fight against fat comes down to food.  Abs really are Made in the Kitchen!  When I started my transformation fat girl into fit girl I was surprised and disappointed that I couldn’t find recipes that had the nutrients I needed and tasted great.  The recipes I found were boring and tasted like cardboard!  No flavor.  No satisfaction.  No bueno.


The nutritionist in me knew I had to eat specific sources of foods but when it came time to eat I felt like I was on a diet…. like I was eating to eat… but I didn’t enjoy it.  My inner fat girl was craving good food!  I searched everywhere to find recipes with the nutrients I needed and tasted good.  I couldn’t find them anywhere.  Every. Single. Recipe. I found had issues.


6 Problems With “Healthy” Recipes and “Diet” Cookbooks


They use ingredients that cause your body to store fat  

Often times recipes and cookbooks aren’t written by people with a nutrition background.  I was shocked to find diet ‘gurus’ claiming their recipes were healthy and good for weight loss when the combinations of nutrients found in 99.9% of the recipes I found can actually trigger the body to fat.  FACT:  Pairing simple carbs, starches, and fats together can promote fat storage, cause cravings and trigger hunger.  Where can I find truly healthy recipes that REALLY fight fat?


They didn’t recommend truly healthy ingredients

None of the recipes I found recommended organic, natural ingredients.  You’re telling me to use artificial sugars and processed ingredients and calling it healthy?!  You want me to eat chicken that’s full of arsenic and make a smoothie full of toxins?  FACT:  Your metabolism can’t accelerate as quickly as it could when it senses your body is in ‘danger’… and every time you ingest chemicals and toxins, your body thinks it’s in danger!  This is why so many people on diets lose weight but they don’t feel happy and healthy, and continue to struggle with motivation and health issues.  It’s a lot easier to ditch your diet and skip the gym when you don’t feel good!  Why can’t I find a recipe with natural, organic ingredients that are truly healthy so I can feel good and burn fat faster?? 


They tasted like “Diet” food

I wanted to lose fat, eating finger-licking food… not dreading it.  Just because you decide to eat healthy doesn’t mean your love of good food goes away!  Plain chicken breast and protein powder pancakes aren’t good.  I don’t wanna suck on a piece of lettuce when everyone else is eating pasta and pizza!  How can I make a fat-fighting meal that tastes great and has me happy instead of rolling my eyes? 


There wasn’t any Variety

Most of the ‘healthy’ recipes I found were the same thing over and over (and over) again.   Chicken and broccoli, tuna, egg whites, oatmeal… BLAH!   FACT:  Your body is an excellent adapter with exercise and food… so eating the same ‘diet’ foods over and over, your body will adapt and weight loss will stall and eventually plateau.  You have to rotate foods to lose weight.  How can I eat different things that make me happy and get me the results I want?


They weren’t many options

So many cookbooks had recipes full of things I didn’t like or couldn’t eat.  What if you don’t like tuna?  How am I supposed to grill chicken when I don’t own a grill?  What if I was a vegetarian?  What if I’m allergic to something??   The repetitive and restrictive nature of the recipes I found had me day dreaming of cheese, bread and cookies.  I struggled to stick with it… even though I knew better!  FACT:  If you don’t like what you’re eating, it’s a lot harder to stick with it!  Why can’t I have foods I like that are good for me too?


You have to hope the nutrients and calories are what you need

Diet cookbooks are just a collection of recipes and you get to whatever recipe you choose.  But, that is NOT going to make you burn fat faster!   FACT:  To but fat, you need specific amounts of different nutrients at every meal.  Most recipes list calories and nutrition information.  Counting calories isn’t fun!  Neither is meticulously tracking nutrient intake!  I don’t want to count!  Why can’t you give me a way to easily tell if a recipe has the calories and nutrients I need?



I couldn’t find one cookbook that solved all of these problems so I had to write it myself.  With the help of a few of my 5-star chef friend’s, my nutrition background and foodie tastebuds to create over 220+ delicious recipes with you (and your family’s) weight loss and health goals in mind.  I personally created, tasted, and enjoy every single recipe in these books.  They are the real deal!  I wrote my eCookbooks specifically to be your go-to source for truly healthy, metabolism maximizing recipes.  I think you’re really going to love them.  I made 10 individual recipe eCookbooks so you can mix and match to get the recipes you’re looking for.


Abs are Made in the Kitchen Cookbook - Christina Carlyle


Each book contains over 20 recipes and uses ingredients in perfect proportions needed to satisfy your nutrient requirements automatically.  Each recipe has the nutrition information listed right on the page.  No meticulous counting here!  All of the recipes use specific combinations of ingredients and cooking style so you can always find something new and tasty to eat.  In each book, I also explain how the recipes will help you reach your weight loss and wellness goals.  I also explain how to swap out ingredients so you can easily adapt the recipes to match your personal preferences and dietary restrictions.  These work in perfect harmony with my Eat Right meal plans so you can easily find recipes that match the nutrient combinations you need to make meals for your body type.


All of the recipes use have a few things in common.  They all have easy-to-find ingredients, are easy to make, are family friendly, and have less than 500 calories per serving… and are and comfort-food-delicious.  (Yay!)  And I think you’re really going to like them.

Abs are Made in the Kitchen Recipe Books



An eCookbook is an ‘electronic’ cookbook, meaning the books are delivered to you electronically in PDF format.  Why PDFs?  Honestly, I wanted to give you options.  The beauty of getting your eCookbooks in PDFs is that you can have a copy you can keep forever and access easily from your computer, tablet or smart phone.


I know a lot of people prefer paper books, too… and who wants to be tethered to a charger to read a recipe when your battery is running low?  The PDF format gives you the flexibility to easily print out one or all of the recipes you want, whenever you want.


Because they’re printable, I didn’t include pictures… think of all that ink!  Yikes.  Recipes never turn out as pretty as they look in the pictures anyway… When using your computer, the eCookbook will download right into your Downloads folder and you can print it or open it from any device you may have.  Easy breezy!




You can mix in match the individual books to suit your tastes or get the Abs are Made in the Kitchen Cookbook bundle.  What ever you choose you’ll get The Abs are Made in the Kitchen Cookbook instructions that explains how to use the cookbook(s) and how to modify the recipes to suit your tastes.  You’ll also get a complete shopping list you can easily print and take with you to the store.

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