Last Updated on July 28, 2019

Body shaming is real, awful, and it happens all the time.


What is body shaming?


Body shaming is feeling shame about yourself after hearing something negative about you or your body.  Just about everyone I’ve ever met has dealt with body shaming, in some way.

  • From kids at school
  • From strangers online
  • Backhanded comments from family
  • A snarky comment from a friend or significant other
  • From themselves after comparing their own body to someone else’s…

I was chit chatting with a client, turned friend who brought up the topic of body shaming.  She was dealing with it.  She also has a friend who is currently dealing with being body shamed by her husband…

Body Shaming Quote


After our lil chat, I’ll admit I was a little fired up.  I’ve dealt with body shaming from a young age… for both my appearance and weight… and I’ve learned some solid ways to handle it.  (See me talk about my struggles in My Story)  I decided to make a video about body shaming.

You’ll learn:

  • The 5 sources of body shaming
  • Which source of shame is the worst
  • Tips to deal with shame from all sources
  • My #1 sassy way to stick up for yourself and shut it down FAST

Speaking of sassy… this is a touchy subject – for me personally – and also knowing this is currently happening to people I care about.  It makes me a little fired up – so heads up there are some curse words.


Body Shaming



So there you go… that’s my realest, best, unfiltered advice on body shaming.  Please note, you’re going to have to work on finding your own ways to stop shaming yourself… and stick up for yourself if other people do it to you.

I hope it helped you… if even in only a small way.


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Body Shaming - Christina Carlyle