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20 Great Reasons to Exercise (that Have Nothing to do with the Way you Look) – I know mustering the motivation to get off the couch and exercise isn’t always easy.  This is blog post is straight motivation to knock the dust off of your sneakers and workout… even when you don’t want to.


How to Lose Weight – Chances are you already know you need to eat less and exercise more… if so, and you’re still struggling THIS IS FOR YOU!


8 Ways to Feel Great and Lose More Weight – This post is geared towards someone who knows what to do… but struggles with self-sabotage.




How to Save Money on Organic Food – Does the sticker shock of going organic food discourage you from investing in your health?  This post has over 50 tips on easy ways to save money buying organic foods.


How to Tell if a Carb is Good or Bad for You – Confused about carbs?  Not sure what carbs to eat and which ones to avoid?  This post will give you 4 easy ways to tell if a carb is good or bad for you.




Products I Recommend – Curious about the different types of products, supplements and health and weight loss boosting products I recommend?   This is where I explain what I recommend and why.



Weight loss isn’t as simple as calories in versus calories out…  If it were, everyone would be happy, healthy and fit… and the weight loss industry wouldn’t rake in billions of dollars a year.


FACT::  Your body is like a chemistry lab and you have your own unique metabolic reactions to different foods.  When you eat the right foods for your body type you can lose fat faster and significantly improve your health and wellbeing.

FACT::  When you eat foods that aren’t right for your body type, your body can’t metabolize or digest them properly… so the buildup stays stuck in your body, making fat loss more difficult until the ‘toxins’ are removed.

FACT::  Different goal looks require different exercise training strategies. A body builder would have to train differently than someone who wants to lose 10 pounds so they can look better on the beach, right? It’s important that you follow an exercise program that’s best for your muscular structure if you want to achieve a specific look.


For the best possible results, you should have to work in a way that’s best for your body type (genotype, metabolism and muscle fibers) and goal look… otherwise, you’re going to struggle to get the results you want, and as quickly as you’d like.


For the best possible results, you have to work in a way that’s best for you metabolic type and goal look… otherwise you’re going to struggle to get the results you want, and as quickly as you’d like.


That’s exactly why I put this free metabolic profile and training for you. Click the button below to get started