Last Updated on August 25, 2022

YAY! It’s Thursday. And you know what that means. It’s time for the Thursday 3.

This week brings you a short & sweet arm workout, my new detox & workout routine, and a question.

1) Adding

This workout onto my cardio sessions. I’ve been doing a lot of cardio lately… more on that in a sec – and adding on quick weight training workouts post session to target & tone the major muscle groups.

I’m LOVING this 10 min. arm routine. 💪

It’s been so helpful and makes my arms burn after cardio. Burn = working

It’s a great workout to squeeze in beneficial movement & stress relief – it’s especially helpful on days you can’t make it to the gym or you’re when you’re super busy or lazy.

I’ve been recommending it to all the frazzled parents adjusting to their back-to-school schedules. They’re loving it and you will, too.

You absolutely can feel the burn & get noticeable results with targeted 10 minute workouts. Try this workout and you’ll be a believer.


2) Loving

Cardio lately. After doing a deep dive into Autoimmune symptoms & prevention protocols – I decided to do a botanical based cleanse in addition to anti-microbial detox diet in an effort to kill off pathogenic bacteria, fungus, and microbes.

I’ve never done anything quite like this before… But it was necessary.

After my emergency gallbladder removal last year I was super nauseous for weeks and all I ate was bread and soft pretzels.

My former dough diet + the meds caused my microbes to pop off and I’ve been experiencing some of the nasty effects of these pathogens. I tested positive for 4 pretty nasty strains recently. YIKES!

So I’m doing a very specific cleanse + diet to kill them. I’ve been experiencing the die-off side effects & some benefits already. I’ll keep you posted on my results as I go.

I’ve been doing a brand new cardio routine (almost exclusively) to assist the detoxification process. Sweat is the best way to support the body & detox metals… and pathogens feed on metal.

Normally I do mostly weights…

So this switch to this (mostly) cardio program I developed for myself has been unexpectedly wonderful(!!)

And honestly I’m surprised.

I’m loving how energized, positive, empowered, focused, and goal oriented my new routine makes me feel.

I haven’t felt this inspired and motivated to exercise in a while.

I actually want to workout. And I haven’t felt genuinely motivated like that in a while. Like WHO AM I? I’m loving this new me! And I owe it all the the routine I’m following.

So that has me…

3) Wondering

Would you be interested in a cardio-only program?

I’ve been feeling inspired lately and I was thinking about developing a complete cardio program that works at home or the gym – designed to make it easy (and fun) to be consistent).

Cardio has it’s own benefits compared to weight training & tons of ways to do cardio to manipulate the results you get.

I’ll address the pros & cons of each type.

The different (and best!) strategies for fat loss & health.

I’d also have guidelines for beginners, moderate, and advanced exercisers. This way you can start where you are and graduate into new training techniques as you get stronger & slimmer.

I’d also provide a complete training schedule that mixes up cardio types, strategies, & intensities so you can slim down & get the most benefits possible ASAP – without boredom.

I’m also thinking about including mini-targeted weight training routines (10-20 minutes) that can be added onto the cardio sessions – optionally.

These would be ‘bonus’ booster sessions used to enhance results and add upper body & core focus as most cardio is mainly lower body.

Would you be interested??

Leave me a comment to let me know what you want/

Thanks so much!

I hope you a great Friday & weekend.

Your Coach & Biggest Cheerleader,