Last Updated on August 25, 2022

Woo! It’s that time again…

Time for the Thursday 3.

This week’s T3 brings you a KILLER low body workout, a lick-the-plate-because-it’s-that-good recipe, and a mood & motivation boosting to-do that’s good for the soul.

Let’s get it!



The burn from this superset workout! SHEESH! This one’s killer. 🥵

I demo’d one round of this workout for a client and I’m feeling the burn two days later… and I didn’t use weights.

If you want lean legs, slim, toned thighs, and a boosted butt…

This superset leg workout is for you.

It uses the superset training strategy…

Which helps maximize results and benefits most in the least amount of time.

If you want rapid results,

If you feel bored in your current routine,

If you feel like you need a challenge,

or if you want to shake up your normal workout routine, try this!

You will absolutely feel the difference using the superset training strategy and potent workout here.





To this chicken salad.

It’s the BEST.

It’s velvety and crunchy.

It’s savory and sweet.

It’s healthy & good for fat loss.

It’s made with everyday whole foods you probably already have on hand.

It’s packed with protein & fiber that’ll keep you feeling energized and full for hours.

It’s so easy to make.

We’re in the weird space between summer and fall and this recipe captures the essence of both seasons. ☀️🍂

It’s light and refreshing but has major comfort vibes.

The blend of textures and flavors also helps trick the brain into feeling satisfied & fuller, faster so you’ll automatically eat less as you’re loving every bite.

It’s also a great recipe to prep so you’ll have a quick meal on the go and is great to pack for kiddos going back to school. Everyone loves it.

If you’re looking for a tasty new dinner or snack idea – try this.

It’ll be a staple.





You to do something creative or fun that makes your soul happy!

Last week I shared that I’m doing a botanical based cleanse in addition to anti-microbial detox diet after I tested positive for 4 nasty strains of pathogenic microbes. 😱😱😱😱

These pathogens were the results of surgery, medication, my anti-nausea diet, and stress that lasted for the year I was misdiagnosed for a malfunctioning gallbladder.

The cleanse I’m doing to kill pathogenic bacteria, fungus, and microbes is hard core. (And I have to stay on this protocol for 6 months)

The diet & botanicals I’m using to heal my gut are working – because I feel horrible. lol

I’m having normal die-off symptoms like headaches, dizzy spells, a bright red flushed face, chills, etc)

Even though I feel crummy I’m SO happy it’s working!!

And that it’ll solve the root cause of my issues and prevent things from getting much worse.

Unresolved microbial infections can trigger autoimmune disease, deep dark depression & anxiety, and disease causing inflammation.

So I’m taking this very seriously.

I’m also making it work by boosting joy in my life in other ways.

Not only is it making this abrupt lifestyle change and healing time more do-able.

I’m doing less things I hate and more things I love & haven’t done in a while (but have been wanting to do) – unapologetically.

It’s making my soul happy.

I don’t know how else to explain it but when you’re soul’s happy you feel peace, fulfilled, and SO authentically great mentally that nothing (external or physical) effects your vibe.

And I encourage you to try it.

Every day – and whenever you’re feeling low/negative/or off – do something intentional that makes YOU feel better authentically (mind, body, &soul) and stop doing things that don’t benefit YOU.

Here’s some examples.

Feeling bored – workout, be creative, knock something off your to-do list

Feeling lonely – connect with a friend

Feeling tired – rest, take a bath

Feeling stressed – get your nails done, get/do a facial, remove triggering people & things

Feel off – do something that personally sparks joy – for me it’s been walking & biking in nature, testing cardio strategies for my new program (cardio boosts benefits of my cleanse.

I’ve been decorating for fall because I love it.

I’ve also been painting, getting organized, cleaning out clutter, buying myself clothes, dressing up even though I feel crummy, and watching Halloween movies while using my back massager.

I love that thing!!

I’m actually using it as I’m typing this. 🥰

I hope this gives you some inspo to do something nice for yourself.

You deserve it!

Have a great weekend!

Your Coach & Biggest Cheerleader,