Last Updated on August 25, 2022

This week’s Thursday 3 has an easy thigh-thinning workout, info about how hormones affect weight, and an easy way to avoid hormone disrupting chemicals.


1) Feeling


Lazy. We’ve been having record breaking heat here in Florida and it wipes me out. So I’ve been doing this Lazy Girl Thigh Workout.

If you want to slim down your thighs but haven’t been feeling motivated try this routine, You’ll burn fat, tone your thighs, and do the entire workout laying down.

It’s also great for days when you’re feeling stressed and hormonal.

Speaking of hormonal…


2) Reiterating


That hormone imbalances make it harder to lose weight and when your hormones are out-of-whack weight gain is very common.

Here’s an article about how hormones affect weight and cause weight gain.

If you suspect your hormones are imbalanced or that you’re feeling moody or have stubborn fat, I strongly recommend my Total Transformation Program because hormone imbalances, left untreated can add up pounds quickly and make you feel miserable unnecessarily.

It’s a complete meal plan AND training program that balances hormones, reduces inflammation, and boosts healing & metabolism so you can get fit, healthy, and feel better 3 times faster.

Here are results that are typical after 4 weeks on this program.


3) Avoiding


Plastic like it’s my job… and you should be, too. Plastic contains hormone disrupting chemicals.

BPA is a one chemical that can mimic the hormone estrogen and can have a domino effect on others.

But even if a product says BPA free, most plastic products release estrogenic disrupting chemicals. Chemicals in plastic can also cause inflammation and cancer.

Plastic bottles and packaging that gets hot causes the chemicals to leech into the food and drink and then those chemicals get into your body when you consume it.

Drinks in plastic bottles are among the worst offenders because they’re not refrigerated when they’re being transported to stores.

Although hard to avoid because plastic is used in a lot of food packaging, like for proteins, produce, & frozen veggies. It is easy to avoid when you use glass instead.

That’s why I use (and recommend using) glass cups & Tupperware.

Two of the easiest ways to switch to glass are to use Mason jars as to-go cups/glasses instead of plastic bottles and as Tupperware for things like mason jar salads and overnight oats or to sprout seeds.

I love and use these Mason Jars because they have ‘fill’ lines that measure ounces. This makes it easy to track your water intake throughout the day.

Switching to glass Tupperware for leftovers and food prep is also an easy way to keep your food safe. This set is a great place to start and comes in a few different shapes and sizes.

It really makes a difference!! I can’t begin to tell you how many client’s I’ve had switch to glass that reported feeling less bloat, fatigue, acne, and other annoying hormone related symptoms after they stopped microwaving left overs in plastic and switched to glass to drink out of.

Switch to glass asap if you’re not already using it.

I hope you have a great weekend. xo

Your Coach & Biggest Cheerleader,