Last Updated on May 9, 2022

Woohoo! It’s Thursday and you know what that means – it’s time for the Thursday 3.


1) Targeting

My my upper back & bra strap areas with this sweet lil back workout. Training my arms are my fave!! But training the back with the arms bumps up calories burn while also reducing bumps at the bra line/back strap area.

2) Updating

My product recommendations. People constantly ask me for recommendations for supplements, protein powders, exercise equipment, etc. and I only ever recommend the best of the best. You can see them all here.

It’s hard to find pharmaceutical grade / science backed, 3rd party verified products in big box stores. So many have GMO’s, fillers, and other nasty ingredients. Online shops are no different.

Did you know Amazon seller’s build up reviews using superior products, then switch the listing info to sell other things (whatever’s cheap or trending) or counterfeit products instead?

They do and it’s rampant. You really need to have a good eye to see counterfeit giveaways on labels, packaging, and ingredient lists. You could go direct to the manufacturer but then you have to pay extra shipping.

I ‘Spring Clean’ my recommendations and add in new superior products with authentic ingredients regularly in my Amazon store so it’s convenient, affordable, and you don’t have to pay out of pocket to go through a practitioner that wholesales them.

These products are legit and don’t cause issues and adverse reactions. Speaking of reactions…


3) Sneezing & Yawning

I suffer from seasonal allergies and so do A LOT of my clients. Sneezing, burning eyes, a sore throat, and congestion are common signs of seasonal allergy reactions. These allergic reactions are obvious & unavoidable… unless you want to move.

But a lot of people don’t know that their pesky health issues and feelings are also signs of allergic reactions, too – from consumables – think foods, drinks, garbage supps/protein powders, and meds.

Untreated allergies from consumables affect the gut and make seasonal allergies worse.

Fatigue, bloating, acne, joint pain, bloating, gas, constipation/running to the bathroom, rashes, trouble swallowing, a puffy face, and inflammation are all common signs of an allergic reaction. (from consumables)

Allergic reactions also have a trickle-down effect that leads to (inflammatory/water) weight gain.

3 common consumables that cause reactions are:

Coffee, wine, and stevia are HUGE sources of allergens.

Coffee is loaded with mold. Alcohol with reactive chemicals.

If you’re allergic to ragweed – STOP using Stevia… They’re in the same family. I recently switched a client off of stevia after she told me she was using it constantly throughout the day. She was also allergic to ragweed and had no idea Stevia causes the same reactions. She lost 5 pounds overnight after cutting it out…

The more you have an allergic reaction to something the more you’ll crave it!

– If you gain a lot of weight (5-10+ pounds during your cycle) or when you indulge during the holidays or special occasions…

– If you constantly feel bloated and puffy

– If you have intense cravings for foods that *you know* aren’t good for you or make you feel crummy – but you just. can’t. stop.

These are HUGE signs you’re consuming things you’re allergic to and that your digestive tract needs help. (stat!)

If this resonates & you have a lot of the symptoms on the above list – you need my Reset Cleanse. You’ll lose up to 10 pounds and wipe out inflammation, cravings (and more pesky problems) in 7 days flat.

Life’s too short to feel like shiitake. 😉​

That’s all for now.

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