Last Updated on July 12, 2022

Let’s get down to business with this week’s Thursday 3.

1) Toning


My triceps with this home workout made with the best tricep exercises. If going sleeveless is making you feel insecure instead of confident…

or if you’re looking for a great workout to tone your arms, you’re going to love this routine.



2) Indulging


With these fruit popsicles. They are:

  • Low in calories
  • Dairy-Free & Gluten-Free
  • High in Fiber
  • High in vitamins & antioxidants
  • Contain zero processed sugars
  • Are Non-toxic (no artificial flavors or colors)
  • Easy to make
  • Delicious and refreshing

They’re the perfect treat to indulge and beat the heat.

Check out the recipe and all of the different kinds of creamy fruit popsicles you can make here.


3) Mind Blown


After watching Not So PrettyI know SO MUCH about nutrition, food, and how to source food & manipulate nutrients to get results.

And in my world, I’m exposed to information about how other consumables, like supplements, meds, and topicals can affect health, mood, & weight, too.

For example, last week I shared a workout to make you sweat & how sweating is the best way to detox heavy metals.

Metals affect mood, energy, & can adversely impact the liver’s ability to burn fat… and metals are in a lot of supplements and cosmetics products.

But after a colleague suggested I watch Not So Pretty I was jaw-on-the-floor shocked. I had no idea how bad it really was.

Check out the trailer on youtube here. This series can be watched on HBO Max. This is not sponsored. Nor will I make any commissions or benefit in any way recommending this.

I feel compelled to share because I know so many of my clients are concerned about their appearance and use cosmetics – but have no idea how unregulated this industry is and dangerous these products can be.


If you do decide to watch, brace yourself for OMG moments and awareness that’ll make you change the way you look at cosmetics.

Your Coach & Biggest Cheerleader,


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This program is great to do at home especially if your kids are done with school and you’re unable to make it to the gym.