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This tricep workout with dumbbells helps tighten and tone arms quickly.  If you’re looking for a fast, effective arm workout, you’re going to love it.

Would you like to see tone and definition in your triceps?
Do you want to see your arms get toned quickly?
Are you looking for a workout that can be done with weights and bodyweight?

If you answered yes to these questions this tricep workout is perfect for you!

Tricep workout with dumbbells


Tricep Workout with dumbbells being done by Trainer Christina Carlyle

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How to Do this Tricep Workout with Weights


  • Warm up with some arm stretches.
  • Do each exercise until you feel the burn.  Once you feel the burn do 5 more. (Ideally, you’ll be doing 15-20 repetitions of each exercise)
  • Choose a weight that is heavy enough so that you feel like you’re working… but not too heavy so that you can do the moves with proper form.
  • For bodyweight exercises your own weight will act as a ‘dumbbell’.
  • Do each exercise 1 time to complete 1 full set.
  • Do 3 full sets of all 6 exercises to complete the workout.
  • For the best results, do this workout 1 time a week along with a complete training program.

Ready?  Let’s do this!


Tricep Exercises with Dumbbells


Overhead Tricep Extension with dumbbells being done by Christina Carlyle


You can do this exercise standing (pictured) or sitting. Extend one arm directly above your head, while holding a dumbbell. This is your starting position. Inhale as you slowly lower the weight back and down behind your head as far as you can. Your forearm should be the only thing moving. Pause then exhale as you lift the weight back up to the start position to complete one rep.


Tricep Dip Exercise being done by Trainer Christina Carlyle


For this exercise, you will need to place a chair (or bench) behind you. Face away from the chair, holding onto the edge with your arms fully extended, shoulder-width apart, as pictured. Your legs will be extended forward, slightly bent. This is your starting position. Slowly bend at the elbows, lowering your body down until your arms form an angle slightly smaller than 90 degrees (between the upper arm and the forearm.) Exhale and use your triceps to push yourself back up to the starting position, to complete one rep.


Tricep Pulses Exercise being done by Trainer Christina Carlyle


Stand up straight, with dumbbells in your hands with your wrists facing behind you. Lift your weights up slightly behind you. This is your starting position. Exhale and lift your arms back and up as high as you can, keeping your arms close to your body.  Lower your arms back to the start position to complete one rep. Pulse the weight up and down quickly racking up reps as long as you can. As soon as you feel the burn, do 5 more to complete one set.


Overhead pulldown tricep dumbbell exercise being done by trainer Christina Carlyle


Lie down on your back with your feet firmly placed on the floor. Hold your dumbbells together and lift them up. Next, inhale as you slowly lower them back and down until your arms are by your ears. Without letting the weights touch the floor, exhale and slowly lift the weights back up to the starting position to complete one rep.


Tricep Pushup Exercise being done by Trainer Christina Carlyle


A tricep pushup is just like a regular pushup… except instead of your elbows going out to the side, you keep them close to your body.  Get into a plank position, with your hands flat on the floor, slightly less than shoulder-width apart. Keeping your elbows close to your body, lower your chest to the floor as you inhale.  Don’t arch or sag your lower back or pitch your butt upwards, keep your back flat. Exhale and press back up, controlling the movement with your arms, not your chest. Exhale as you push up back into the start plank position. That’s one rep. For a modified version, you can pushup while on your knees instead of your feet until you get stronger.


Skullcrusher Tricep Exercise with dumbbells being done by Christina Carlyle


Lie on your back. Grab a dumbbell and extend your arms straight up over your chest with your palms facing each other, gripping the weight. This will be your starting position. Inhale and lower the weight in a semi-circular motion by bending at the elbow. Keep your forearm stationary and elbows in. Keep lowering the weight until it’s just above your face. Exhale and lift the weight back up to the starting position. Contract the triceps hard at the top of the movement for a second to complete one rep.
I hope you liked this tricep workout with dumbbells.  If you liked it please, leave me a comment and let me know if you felt the burn. : )

This workout only works if you do.  So work it!  You are so worth it!

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