Unlock the Magic Within to Heal & Feel Fantastic with the

Magic Moves Somatic Exercise Program

This pioneer program combines somatic exercises with breath work and yoga, to release stress, tension, and negative emotions from the body. 

The magical exercises in this program have been proven to reduce cortisol, balance hormones and the nervous system in 4 weeks flat.

HINT:  You can’t heal, be healthy, or have a fast metabolism when cortisol levels are high and your nervous system stays hyperactive due to stress, tension, and trapped emotions. 

Cortisol & an activated nervous system blocks the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and can cause dozens of adverse symptoms, including inflammation, cravings and stubborn fat. 

Magic Moves balances the nervous system and hormones quickly to reduce symptoms so you can heal & feel good body, mind & soul.

  • If you’re stressed, burned out, overly emotional, struggle with emotional eating/cravings
  • If you’re in a funk and feel ‘stuck’
  • If you’re always on edge & feel like you have a short fuse
  • If you have hormone or gut health issues
  • If you have anxiety or depression
  • If you have a history of stress, stress symptoms, tension, or trauma

Common symptoms of high cortisol and an imbalanced nervous system include:

Cravings, stubborn fat, feeling unsatisfied/hungry often, avoidance of exercise, procrastination, feeling tired, depressed, anxious, irritable, angry, exhausted, unmotivated, burned out, digestive issues, difficulty sleeping, mood & energy swings, hormone issues, (chronic) inflammation, autoimmune issues, and more!

The Magic Moves Somatic Exercise program helps heal the nervous system and reduce cortisol levels to reverse symptoms making it a lot easier to feel great and lose weight in the process.

The results after Beta Testing Magic Moves:

90% of participants felt a reduction in their symptoms (stress, cravings, inflammation, gut, hormone, mood & energy) within the first week

Participants lost an average of 8 pounds in a month (without changing any other diet or exercise habits)

100% of beta test participants felt the Magic Moves working within minutes and reported feeling more relaxed & calm after their first session


These routines make me feel calm & relaxed faster than Xanax ever did.  I leave the sessions feeling recharged.  It’s so nice not needing anxiety medication & no longer feel like a numb, zombie.

Krista, 37

Santa Fe, New Mexico

I had the most beautiful release after the very first session.  I feel calm for the first time in a very long time and an overwhelming sense of peace. I’m hooked.  They really are magic moves!


Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

I’ve been really struggling with stress and feeling down after a recent breakup and work.  After doing the first routine I felt completely relaxed.  The next day I felt more energized, less bloated, and went to the bathroom (a lot) after struggling with constipation for weeks.  I’m down 5 pounds in 2 days.  Amazing results so far!  I’m more motivated than ever to keep going.

Denise, 53

Bonita Springs, Florida


  • The Magic Move Routines release tension & trapped emotion from the body and balancing hormones & the nervous system in the process
  • All of the Magic Moves are easy!  The exercises are no impact and very low intensity – The lazier you do them, the better
  • No equipment is required
  • All of the routines are short & sweet and take an average of 10 minutes
  • The moves will make you feel more calm, relaxed, and at peace
  • You’ll feel them working within minutes
  • The exercises work like magic to help you heal your body and mind
Christina Carlyle doing a somatic exercise

Here’s an example of a Somatic Exercise you’ll find in the program


There are 3 different 4-week/28 day “Phases” of Somatic Exercise Routines that target the different areas of the body and kinetic chain.  HINT:  You have to work your way up the body/kinetic chain to balance the nervous system and cortisol levels… that’s how the Magic happens!

The 3 phases in Magic Moves are perfectly sequenced to release stress, tension, and emotion in the body while simultaneously balancing the nervous system and cortisol levels.  

Phase 1

Phase 1 starts releases trauma, stress, and trapped emotions from the hips and low back

Phase 2

Phase 2, targets the Heart, Neck, Shoulders & Back 

Phase 3

Phase 3, focuses on the Head, Jaw & Temples

Start with Phase 1, then work your way up through Phases 2 and 3 to fully release & heal your nervous system and reduce cortisol.

By the end of each Phase you’ll feel noticeably better and see your physical & mental symptoms and stubborn fat fade away.

This Program offers relief from:


  • Persistent stress
  • An imbalanced nervous system
  • Muscle tension & stiffness
  • Unprocessed emotions & unresolved trauma
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Stubborn fat & Cortisol-related ‘stress’ belly fat
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Lower back & sciatica pain
  • Health conditions linked to trapped emotions/trauma in the body, such as sleep issues, gut problems, headaches/migraines, chest pains, chronic fatigue/exhaustion, panic, brain fog, muscle tension, and tinnitus
  • Cravings
  • Inflammation
  • Insomnia
  • Burnout
  • Procrastination




Each Phase includes a unique 28 day Somatic Exercise Program, Magic Moves eBook, Breathing Exercises Database, Magic Mood Supplement Database, our exclusive app, & Support
– A $297 Value –

For Just $27


Renews annually – Cancel anytime


    • Each Phase includes 28 days of carefully crafted expert Somatic Exercise Routines
    • The routines are organized into an online schedule in a sequential order allows you to track your progress through the program
    • Magic Moves eBook – This downloadable pdf has 20+ pages packed with helpful info, journal prompts, and tips to have the best experience
    • This program also includes a database of breathing exercises & (optional) supplement options that’ll help you get even better results
    • An app that works on your mobile device so you can access the program 24/7


    Hi!  I’m Christina Carlyle.

    I have a gigantic history of trauma & stressful events that left me feeling horrible.  In an attempt to get relief I researched different healing modalities. 

    Some were more effective then others but none of them ever got me the results I wanted… I’ve spent the last 5 years mastering these practices to help myself heal.

    I took the BEST, most EFFECTIVE somatic exercises & healing techniques and combined them creating my own powerful healing routines… and created Magic Moves to help others find relief, too.

    These are the same moves I’ve use to heal my anxiety, C-PTSD, major depressive & panic disorder.   

    I’m SO excited to share them with you!  They really work, if you work it.  So work it!  The results are incredible and so worth it!

    Christina Carlyle creator of Magic Moves Somatic Exercise Program


    What happens after I get the program?

    You can get started right away!  You get instant access to the program after purchase and a receipt with instructions to login and get started.  You’ll also get instructions to download our exclusive app so you can easily access the program from your mobile device

    I'm busy! Does this program take a lot of time?

    No!  All of the routines take an average of 10 minutes.

    Do I need any equipment?

    All of the moves are bodyweight on ly and no exercise equipment is required. 

    How does this program work?

    The complete Magic Moves Program contains 3, 4-week phases. Designed to be done in order. 

    Each Phase targets a different area of the body.  Start with Phase 1 to release stress, tension, and emotion from the hips.  The other phases target other areas, working up the kinetic chain (which is necessary for results & healing).  Each Phase is sold seperately.

    At this time only Phase 1 is available.  The other phases will be released soon.

    Why is there an annual charge?

    This program is designed to be repeated and includes direct email support to Christina Carlyle.  Because of this the program is charged annually and renews automatically to prevent a disruption in service.  Each payment equals 365 days of access and you can cancel at any time.  You’ll get instructions to cancel on your purchase receipt and again in a renewal reminder notice that will be emailed to you 30 days prior to your renewal date.


    Each Phase includes a unique 28 day Somatic Exercise Program, Magic Moves eBook, Breathing Exercises Database, Magic Mood Supplement Database, our exclusive app, & Support
    – A $297 Value –

    For Just $27


    Renews annually – Cancel anytime

    Individual results vary from person to person.  Always consult a doctor before starting a new diet or exercise program.  This is a digital program.  You’ll get instant access via email with your login credentials immediately after purchase so you can get started right away.  Nothing will be mailed to you.  Because this program is designed to be repeated, it’s charged on an annual reoccurring basis.  You can cancel at any time.  Because of the digital nature of this program all sales – including renewals – are final and non-refundable


    This helped me better than anything else I’ve tried.  I’ve lost 7 pounds in 2 weeks and didn’t do anything different except use the routines.  I feel the stress, tension, and inflammation leave my body more and more after every session.

    Sarah, 41

    Naples, Florida

    I did the first routine last night and WOW! it really works.  I felt so relaxed like I was melting into my bed and slept like a baby.  I feel my menopause symptoms are better, too.  Thank you for sharing this with the world.

    Judy, 52

    Gatlinburg, Tennessee

    After day 3, I don’t feel as tense, my bathroom habits are back on track, and I lost 3 pounds!

    Becca, 26

    Miami, Florida

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