If you want a flat toned, tummy you’re going to love my ab challenge.

There’s one word that seems to buzzing around every time I work with a new client.

That word is ABS!

From a sexy 6 pack to a firmer, flatter tummy… Abs consistently seem to be the “forbidden fruit” everybody is lusting after.

As a trainer, I’m all about it!

A strong core can help reduce back pain, improve your posture, and increase self-esteem exponentially.

That’s why I put together this challenge!  So you can experience all the benefits and get flat, toned abs.




If you want to see some sexy definition in your abs…

If you want to lose some inches from your waistline…

If you’d like to get in the habit of training your core…

Then my 30-Day Ab Challenge is perfect for you!

See me demo the exercises in the video below.




Every day for 30 days, you’ll need to perform the following exercises.  It’s very important that you use proper form while following this challenge.

Proper form ensures you’re targeting the muscles and avoid neck/back pain.


Perform each exercise as instructed in the Ab Challenge video.

In the beginning of the challenge, you’ll do lower reps/sets… and progressively add more as the days go by.


  • During the first 10 days, repeat each exercise the prescribed number of times, and complete 3 sets.
  • During the next 10 days, you’ll add a 4th set.
  • By the last 10 days of this challenge, you’ll be repeating each exercise, for 5 sets.
  • By the end of the 30 days in the challenge, you can lose inches from your waistline and notice more defined sexy abs.


Below you’ll find the reps/sets and a list of the 6 exercises to follow during the 30-day challenge.


30 day ab challenge schedule and exercises being done by trainer Christina Carlyle

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Bicycle Crunch Exercise being done by trainer Christina Carlyle

Basic Crunch

Lie on your back with your knees bent and your hands behind your head with elbows out to the side.  This is your start position.  Squeeze your abs and lift your head off of the ground about 6 inches.  Exhale as you lower back down to the start position to complete one rep.


Heel Touches Ab Exercise being done by trainer Christina Carlyle

Heel Touches

Lie on the floor with your knees bent. Your arms should be down by your side with your palms on the floor. Lift your shoulders off the floor. This will be your starting position. Reach one hand down towards the heel on the same side. Without lowering your shoulders down, immediately return to the start position, then repeat the movement on the other side to complete one rep.

Scissor Kick Ab Exercise being done by trainer Christina Carlyle

Scissor Kicks

Lie with your legs extended out with toes pointed. Contract your abs and lift your legs off the ground about 6 inches. This is your start position. Lift one leg straight up then quickly lower it, as you simultaneously lift your other leg. Scissor kick both legs once, to complete one rep. Continue to alternate lifting and lowering your legs without stopping or touching the floor until you complete your set. Tip: Extend your arms out to the side or under your butt for support.

Bicycle Crunch Exercise being done by trainer Christina Carlyle

Bicycle Crunch

Lie with your hands behind your head with your elbows out to the side.  Engage your abs to lift your shoulders upward while pushing your right elbow across your body towards your left knee.  Fluidly, cycle your feet as you repeat the movement on the opposite side, pushing your left elbow towards your right knee.  A crunch on both sides completes one rep. Continue alternating sides, while spinning your feet until you complete your set.


Overhead pendulum exercise done by Christina Carlyle

Overhead Pendulum

Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Using both hands, lift a dumbbell overhead. This is your start position. Slowly dip the weight to one side. Hold for a count then rock the weight back up and over to the opposite side to complete one rep. Slowing ‘tick and tock’ the weight back and forth like a pendulum, until you complete your set.

Dumbbell Side Dips exercise being done by Christina Carlyle

Dumbbell Side Dips

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, while holding dumbbells down by your sides. This is your start position. Lower the weight down to one side as far as you can. Exhale and squeeze your abs as you lift the weight back up to the start position to complete one rep. Repeat the movement on the same side for the prescribed number of reps. Repeat the same number of reps on the other side to complete your set. Tip: Protect your neck and look forward not down, while doing the movement.


Hip Dip Ab Exercise being done by Trainer Christina Carlyle

Hip Dips

Start in a modified plank position on your elbows and forearms.  Keep your core tight rotate your hips as you dip down to one side. Immediately reverse the movement dipping your other hip down to the opposite side, to complete one rep. Tip: Only use your core muscles to lower your hips down.  Keep your spine neutral, don’t pitch your booty up.


Crawling Plank Ab Exercise being done by trainer Christina Carlyle

Crawling Planks

Start in a plank position.  Slowly walk your hands back towards your toes as far as you can until you’re in a forward fold.  Quickly walk your hands back to a plank to complete one rep.  Do as many reps as you can until you feel the burn.  Once you feel the burn do 5 more to complete your workout.


What did you think of this ab challenge?  Let me know in the comments.

You CAN do this!  It works, if you work it!

Your Coach and Biggest Cheerleader


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P.P.S.   You can’t out-exercise a bad diet.  Abs really are made in the kitchen.  For the best possible results during this ab challenge, follow a meal plan & complete workout program.  If you need help I’ve got you covered.

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