Last Updated on July 28, 2019

Have you ever gotten in a relationship and gained weight?

Are you spending more time and attention on your man instead of the gym?

Has the comfort of your new relationship triggered you to gain love pounds?

If your relationship has caused you to gain weight this is for you!  You’ll learn how to avoid gaining weight in a relationship and how to lose your love pounds.

What are Love Pounds?

Urban Dictionary explains:
The act of putting on weight due to being content with your relationship – or – 
Letting yourself go and indulging in life because you are in love

Recently, I was reminded how much **love** affects people’s weight.

During the last 2 weeks, I received multiple emails from clients admitting they ‘cheated’ on their diets.

While digging deep the reasons for the drop in motivation became crystal clear…  These 2 weeks just so happened to be the weeks leading up to and away from Valentine’s Day.

This realization touched my heart both professionally and personally.

How Does Your Relationship Affect your Weight?

I’ve worked with women and men all around that that admitted love had a huge impact on their weight.

People who are laser-beam focused while shedding for their upcoming wedding…

Then there are people who come to me disappointed when they realized how much weight they gained in their relationship… And how challenging it is to say ‘no thanks’ when their sweetie suggests sweets and treats…


Love Pounds how to avoid gaining weight in a relationship

Then there are people who are hell-bent obsessed with getting in shape with the hopes of finding love…

Then there are people who have gained/lost serious lbs. while falling out of love…

It doesn’t seem to matter whether love is coming or going or if you’re trying to manifest it…  Love has a powerful impact on your success.

Which brings me to today’s episode of CCtv.

Whether you’ve noticed that your date nights are packing on pounds, or working to lose the weight you’ve gained to get back out on the dating scene, or you’re frustrated that your partner’s relationship with the fridge is directly impacting yours…

How to Avoid Gaining Weight in a Relationship

Many people have no idea how they can balance their relationship with their honey and themselves… Or how to stop using their relationship as an excuse to stop showing themselves love.

Today’s episode of CCtv is my way of showing you real love, reminding you that YOUR relationship with YOU Must. Come. First.  Watch to learn what may be the most important question you can ever ask yourself.  *Disclaimer* it’s very powerful and effective.  After you’ve finished watching it, I’d LOVE to hear from YOU.   Please leave me a comment to tell me how you relate to this video.

Your Coach and Biggest Cheerleader




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