Last Updated on May 13, 2020

Best Calf Exercises for Women – Exercises to Tone Calves (and Avoid Bulk)

Calf muscles have been on my brain lately so I wanted to explain how to exercise your calves.

As a trainer, I find that there are a few common calf issues most people struggle with the most.

  • Some people want their calves to be smaller
  • Some people want their calves to be toned
  • Some people don’t exercise their calves at all

As your coach and biggest cheerleader, I decided to make a post dedicated to teaching you everything you need to know about calves.

I’ll explain why calves come in different sizes and set realistic expectations about results.

Then I’ll show you the best calf exercises for women so you can train your calves expertly and effortlessly.


How to Exercise your Calves


Calves are like thighs (and boobs, booty’s and stomachs)… a lot of people are self-conscious about them but find that it’s hard to see any significant improvement.

I personally know someone who had calf surgery to reduce her calf size…. and it didn’t work.  It was devastating for her and made her feel even worse. : (

  • Are you avoiding calf exercises?
  • Are you afraid to exercise them because you don’t want them to get bigger?
  • Are you exercising your calves nonstop trying to get them bigger?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, today’s episode of CCtv is for you!

In it, I answer common calf questions and explain how to exercise your calves and tips to grow and/or reduce them.



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So work it! YOU are so worth it!!

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