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Love your adult beverages?  Me too!  But, they can ruin your diet.  Rethink your Drinks!  These insider tricks and the best cocktails to keep your metabolism maxed while you’re letting loose.

Diane recently asked me how she could lose weight and still enjoy her alcoholic drinks.  One of the easiest ways to lose weight is to stop drinking alcohol.  Lots of people struggle with letting go of the cocktails.  Giving up your go-to stress relief can be difficult when eliminating your favorite foods, too.


If you feel that way you’re not alone.  It’ll be a cold day in hell(lllllo operator) before I give up my cocktails… and my skinny jeans.

As a nutritionist and trainer and finder-of-ways to live and love my life and body I know loopholes to keeps your metabolism maxed and enjoy cocktails without completely ruining your diet.

How to Enjoy Alcohol and Lose Weight

Step 1)  Sweat

Compensate for the extra calories with some cardio.  Run, swim, rollerblade, whatever you’d like.  but there are some rules…  For the best results, you must:

  • Workout for at least 30 minutes
  • Sweat
  • Get your heart rate between 140-150 bpm

Don’t forget to drink water while you’re at it!

Step 2)  Do Drink Rally’s 

Alternate cocktails with 2 glasses of ice cold water.  Repeat:  drink – 2 glasses of water – drink

Drink rally’s will help flush the alcohol from your system, prevent dehydration, and minimize a reduction in the metabolism.

Step 3)  Skip the Drive thru for Water

I know the drive through always sounds like a good idea when you’re buzzed. Skip the drive through and chug water instead. Alcohol is going to dry you out.   High-fat foods soak up the booze keeping it in your system longer…  Also, since the drinks are slowing your metabolism, that greasy garbage is going to be automatically stored as fat.  Water will flush the booze, hydrate you, and you’ll feel A LOT better in the morning.  Drink tons (and tons) of water and remember this little jingle when you’re buzzed,

Water will flush the booze, hydrate you, and you’ll feel A LOT better in the morning.  Drink tons (and tons) of water and remember this little jingle when you’re buzzed, “Hitting up Taco Bell will make you feel like hell.”

Step 4)  Take a HOT Shower or Bath First Thing in the Morning

Hot water will make you sweat out the alcohol.   Just stand under shower… it’ll feel glorious.  But,  a bubble bath with soaking salts…. like Epson salt works 10 times better (and faster!)  The water opens your pores.  The salt draws the booze out.  Soak with a glass of ice water for  5 to 10 minutes to experience the most benefit.

Step 5)  Choose Wisely

Calories from drinks add up quickly.  Especially with sugary syrups, juices, and liqueurs.  The best cocktails and drinks for weight loss are as follows.

For my winos…

The best liquor choices for weight loss are clear and will have 60 (or less) calories per 1.5 oz. serving.  And their mixers will have zero calories and virtually no sugar.  The best 3 liquors (and drinks) for weight loss are:

  • Clear rum and club soda (or diet, if you must)
  • Vodka and club soda with a lime or lemon
  • 100% Agave tequila on the rocks or with water

The Best 5 Drinks for Weight Loss
For my winos…

Red wine – imbiber beware, red wine has sugar but, it’s the only drink that has nutrients, polyphenols, and trace antioxidants.  That’s why red wine is a better choice as opposed to white wine.  I recommend a 2 glass maximum… any more and your sugar will skyrocket.  (and sugar is the WORST thing you can have when you’re trying to lose fat)

Let loose without ruining your diet christina carlyle
For my Beer Drinkers…

5) Bud 55 or Miller Genuine Draft 64… Yep!  The watery stuff!

I’ll admit if you’re used to drinking frozen margaritas, rum and coke, or Budweiser it’ll take a few rounds to get used to the lighter versions.  But, I guarantee if you follow these tips and choose these drinks you can enjoy your cocktails and stay on track to lose weight.

It works if you work it!


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Do you struggle with emotional drinking?  (it’s a thing)  If you enjoy drinks daily… I really (reallllllllly) recommend that you check out my post on How To End Emotional Drinking here.

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