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Ever wonder are eggs bad for you, if are eggs unhealthy, or if eggs will make you fat?  Eggs get a bad rap because people pair them with other nutrients that are directly related to causing fat and health issues.  It’s not the eggs that are bad for you… but they can be bad for you… which is why you should avoid eating your eggs with other high-fat animal products.

Japan is also home to the largest consumers of eggs in the world….   Have you ever been to a Japanese or sushi restaurant?  Fried rice has eggs, egg drop soup, quail eggs on sushi, egg rolls.  Eggs are everywhere in Japan!  The average person eats 328 eggs every year.  BUT Japan’s population has way lower levels of cholesterol and heart disease compared to the US.   Why are they so healthy and American-egg eaters are so fat?

Are Eggs Bad for You?


One main reason is because the Japanese as a whole don’t eat a lot of unsaturated fat.

Americans do just the opposite.  We pair and use our incredible edible eggs with things high in saturated fats.  Typically other high fat- (aka highly marbled) animal meats and byproducts are high in saturated fats.  Things like:  cheese, bacon, and butter, sausage gravy and Hollandaise (over steak)  A sausage, egg and cheese McMuffin is a perfect example of harmless eggs pair with other high saturated fat food.

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Heart attack on a freakin’ bun…  Pairing fats and saturated fats together in a meal has an adverse effect on LDL levels (bad cholesterol).  SOME saturated fat is OK and needed to sustain health.  But only about 10% of saturated fats are needed daily.  Pairing eggs with other high fat-animal sources of meat increases the saturated fat exponentially.  The “American way” of pairing eggs with other high saturated fat foods is actually why eggs are getting a bad rap.

Never Ever eat your Eggs with Saturated Fat


But egg rolls are high calorie and high fat…  So is fried rice!!  But egg rolls and fried rice are typically made with plant-based oils NOT Animal sources/aka Saturated Sources of Fats…  Most of the Japanese culture uses unsaturated fats from plant sources!  All animal products contain some cholesterol, but they also contain saturated fat, an even more significant culprit in heart-disease risk.

According to Alice Lichtenstein, professor of nutrition science and policy at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University, “The major determinant of plasma LDL level is saturated fat.”

The British Journal of Medicine in January reviewed 17 different egg studies and concluded, “Higher consumption of eggs (up to one egg per day) is not associated with increased risk of coronary heart disease or stroke.”

Yes!  Increased blood cholesterol levels can raise the risk of high cholesterol and yes! eggs are high in dietary cholesterol.  So are shrimp… But you don’t hear anyone bitching about shrimp… Why?  We don’t eat shrimp with cheese, sausage, and bacon!  

It’s not the egg it’s eating them with other foods that are high in saturated fats that’s the problem.


Eggs are considered high in cholesterol; they have 186 milligrams, 184 of which are in the yolk.  But compared to saturated fat, 1.6 grams in the yolk, this is relatively low.  Heavily marbled steaks are high in both…

Walter Willett, professor of epidemiology and nutrition at Harvard’s School of Public Health reports,  “The amount that one egg a day raises cholesterol in the blood is extremely small, that the increase in risk in heart disease related to this change in cholesterol could never be detected in any kind of study.  LDL of this small magnitude could easily be countered by other healthy aspects of eggs.”


How Many Eggs Should I Eat?


Limit your daily cholesterol intake as follows…  According to the American Heart Association recommends that you limit your cholesterol intake to 300 milligrams daily.  200 milligrams if you have heart disease or if your LDL is greater than 100…

Now that you know your cholesterol limitations…  Hard-boiled eggs make incredible snacks to kill hunger and help with recovery post-workout.  Deviled eggs are a perfect healthy dish for parties or holidays, too.  Eggs are high in protein…  which is good for weight loss.  So stick to a 2-egg a day max.  You can find a breakfast friendly egg recipe here.

10 grams of Saturated Fat a day, will keep High Cholesterol Away


I strongly recommend that you have a max of 10 grams of saturated fat a day.  Eggs have 6 grams of protein and just 74 calories… You can have two a day, as long as you stay within your 300 or 200 mg daily intake, too.  Reducing your saturated fat intake by a measly 4% has been shown to cause blood cholesterol levels to plummet.  Always opt for organic, cage free/free roaming eggs.  Happy chickens make healthy eggs. : )

Are Eggs Bad for You?


Eggs are Actually Healthy


Assuming you’re eating a healthy diet, here are some ways you may benefit by eating eggs.  Eating eggs can help you beat bloat, sculpt tone muscles and have glowing skin.  PLEASE OPT FOR ORGANIC, CAGE FREE/FREE ROAMING EGGS THOUGH!

Eggs are a Great Source of Protein


Eggs are one of the best sources of protein and set the bar high when other proteins are compared to them.  1 glorious orb has a powerful combination of amino acids, which are easily and effectively absorbed by the body.  A lot of other proteins are difficult to digest and end up stuck in your poo-pipes and rot, causing you to feel bloated, backed up like you have a brick in your stomach.  Eggs have other essential nutrients that boost beauty, health and overall wellness.

The following nutrients are found in egg yolks:

Eggs Have Choline = Brain Booster


Yolks are among one of the best of very few sources of this essential nutrient. Choline is used in brain development of babies in utero and brain function in adults.

Eggs Have Lutein and Zeaxanthin


Two phytochemicals aid in preventing cataracts and other eye diseases related macular degeneration. While eggs contain less lutein and Zeaxanthin then Plants that have it, like Kale but eggs are more absorbable than the plant sources.


Eggs Have Vitamin D


Helps build strong and healthy teeth and bones.  Vitamin D aides with the absorption of calcium… And calcium absorption is important for your heart and colon.  Eggs are one of the few edible and natural sources of Vitamin D.  The other non-edible and popular source is sunlight.  Another great reason to eat eggs sunny side up!

Cracking a raw egg and using it, as a hair or skin treatment, will make you glow on the outside, too.

So no, eggs aren’t bad for you… unless you eat them with saturated fats like bacon and sausage… Enjoy your eggs with fruits or other plant-based foods and you’ll be fine.  🙂  Try this super easy egg muffin recipe for breakfast.  It’s perfect for meal prepping and I know you and your family is going to love them. 🙂

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