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If you feel like your heels and feet could use some TLC you’re going to love this Natural DIY Coconut Oil Foot Scrub for soft heels and feet.  It helps remove dead skin, hydrates feet, and softens heels.

The best part?  It’s inexpensive, easy, you can do it at home, and you probably already have the ingredients you need to do it.

I’ve had clients say they felt like their workouts make their feet rough and heels dry.  Mine do!  I started doing this foot scrub treatment a long time ago and I love it.  I’m very sensitive to chemicals and can’t any old store-bought moisturizer.  They make me itchy!

It works so well for me I started recommending it to clients concerned about their feet and they loved it, too.  So now I’m sharing it with you.




Why It Works:


  • First, the foot scrub exfoliates your feet to removed dry, dead skin.
  • The post-scrub treatment helps lock in moisture.
  • Moving helps add pressure so it absorbs better into the rough spots.

Coconut oil is a superstar skin ingredient, especially for feet.

Coconut oil is:

  • Antifungal and antibacterial.
  • Loaded with saturated fats, which are hydrating when applied topically… but you can’t improve hydration when you eat it.
  • Doesn’t have any added parabens, artificial fragrances or chemicals that can disrupt normal hormone function.  This is particularly important if you have any thyroid, adrenal, or other hormone issues.

Since your skin absorbs everything you put on it, you need to use a clean, absorbable coconut oil.

Some food grade coconut oils contain chemicals used to extract the oil.  Make sure your label only has coconut oil in it so you’re not soaking in chemicals, too.  Look for ‘virgin’ or organic coconut oil.  Avoid anything with flavors, like ‘butter.’






1. Get yourself some clean, chemical-free coconut oil.  

I get an organic brand and keep a small container of it in my shower so I can use it to lock in moisture after I shave.  I also use it to moisturize my lips.

 To do the foot scrub and hydration treatment, you don’t have to shower first, but I do recommend washing your feet off if they’re dirty or smelly.

 2. Next, you’ll need some quality chunky salt.   A coarse salt like Epsom, Celtic, or Himalayan will work.

 3. You’ll also need a pair of old socks and shoes 

  • Pick a pair you don’t mind ruining… The thicker and longer your socks are the better. (Think Hooter girl socks.)
  • I’ve had clients say they’ve used their kid’s old socks for this.
  • I always use older sneakers or plastic slides.
  • You want something ‘oven-like’ that will hold everything in and generate heat.

Next, make your foot scrub.

  • The goal here is to make a paste-like scrub that sticks together, isn’t loose, or runny.
  • As a general rule start with 1 part salt to 1/2 part oil.  The oil will soak into the salt and you may need to adjust, depending on the brand of coconut oil and type salt you use
  • You can make as much scrub as you want.  I typically make this on the fly and don’t measure.
  • If you make a big batch store it in a mason jar, glass jar or container and use it in your shower.  (It’s slippery!  Be careful!)
  • You can also add essential oils if you want to get fancy.  I’ve only ever used a drop (1) of lavender or geranium.  Essential oils can cause burning or reactions… so do your research before using them!!!


Step 2) Get your Scrub on


  • Once your feet are rinsed off, have your scrub, extra coconut oil, socks and shoes nearby.
  • You can do this in the shower or sitting on the edge of your bathtub.
  • Coat your feet with the scrub and rub it all over your feet, concentrating on your heels and rougher patches.  Scrub each foot for a minute or so then rinse them off.
  • Pat dry


Step 3) Coat with coconut and Cover


  • Next, coat your scrubbed feet with a thin layer of coconut oil.
  • Use enough to coat them – but not enough to soak through your socks.
  • Then put on your socks and shoes.


Step 4) Get Moving


Take a walk, clean your house, or whatever else that has you on your feet.  Vacuum, dust, walk your dog, meal prep, etc… whenever you want.

You’ll be moving your body, getting things done, and getting smooth feet at the same time.  I love a good multitasking life-hack.

I notice I get the best results with at least 45 minutes of movement.  I’ve had clients say they’ve felt softer heels after just 10 minutes.

When you’re done, shower or rinse off and enjoy your super soft feet.  Try this once a week and your feet will thank you!  I like to do this every Sunday with a treatment in my hair, too.

If works if you work it, so work it because having happy smooth feet are so worth it!

Are you going to try this?

Have you tried this?  How’d it go?

Let me know in the comments.  I love to hear what you think.


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Natural DIY Coconut Oil Foot Scrub Treatment For Soft Heels And Feet