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In this post I’m sharing the BEST supplement to reduce cortisol and stress quickly and naturally.

Elevated cortisol and stress are rampant these days… and results in TONS of physical and mental health issues, which is why supplements for cortisol are important.

Cortisol is a very catabolic hormone.  Catabolic hormones ‘break down’ the body resulting in a lot of life altering symptoms.

The most common symptoms of elevated cortisol include weight gain or stubborn fat (particularly around the abdomen and face), high blood pressure, fatigue, digestive/gut health issues, inflammation, muscle weakness, hormone imbalances, fertility issues, blood sugar issues, cravings, mood swings, anxiety, depression, difficulty sleeping, premature aging, nutrient deficiency, and frequent infections due to a weakened immune system to name a few.  

An infographic that shows different ways cortisol affects the body

If you have symptoms of cortisol I’d recommend supplements for cortisol and stress reduction… as they’re natural, work quickly, and do things in the body that can’t be done with food & exercise.

I see the damaging result of cortisol ALL THE TIME in my clients… especially those with kids, jobs, relationships, lackluster support, and other pre-existing health issues…

And most of them have no idea that they’re symptoms are the direct result of cortisol.  When I ask them about stress I’m usually told that it can’t be cortisol be their cortisol levels were ‘normal’ on their labs.  The problem?   Having a ‘normal’ conventional labs doesn’t mean that you don’t have high cortisol!!!

Conventional labs use ranges to diagnose Cushing’s and Addison’s disease.  Having a ‘normal’ result doesn’t mean that you don’t have high cortisol levels, especially if you experience symptoms of high cortisol.

A single blood test can’t capture the variations in cortisol levels, resulting in missing periods of elevated cortisol.  Cortisol is supposed to be highest in the morning and lowest at night… that’s why conventional diagnostic labs are always done fasted in the morning to try to diagnose a cortisol based disease (like Cushing’s and Addison’s). But people experience stress throughout the day that results in elevated cortisol during the day and night.  Functional labs test cortisol throughout the day to get a better understanding of cortisol patterns.

Another reason why conventional labs are misleading is that they’re testing total cortisol… not necessarily free cortisol which is most damaging and results in symptoms.

Whenever cortisol is released it is bound by cortisol binding globulin hormones which the body immediately releases automatically in order to help neutralize the damaging affects of the cortisol.  But free cortisol is the biologically active form that can enter cells and causes damage and subsequent symptoms.  Free cortisol isn’t bound by nature to provide energy for ‘fight and flight’ so not all cortisol can and will be bound.  Conventional labs done via fasted blood draws measure TOTAL cortisol, which includes both free (unbound) cortisol and cortisol bound to proteins such as corticosteroid-binding globulin (CBG) and albumin.  To truly see if your cortisol is too low or high and damaging you need to measure FREE cortisol exclusively.

Only functional urine and saliva tests do that… they also give you a much more accurate understanding of cortisol levels, other hormone levels, and other biomarkers like nutrients, metabolites, etc.  If you want to do a functional lab testing to better understand what’s going on with your hormones, contact me here and let me know that you’re interested in functional labs, I’ll share the next steps to get started.

FYI My functional lab services are done concerige style from the comfort of your own home and include a customized program that addresses your root cause issues and reverses symptoms fast.  (My custom plans include meal planning, workouts, supplements etc. that’ll reverse your issues and get you looking and feeling fantastic quickly and naturally… and stay that way.


Do you need Stress Support Supplements?


If you have symptoms of high cortisol and have experienced stress on a regular, ongoing basis its safe to assume cortisol is the culprit and needs to be addressed ASAP to prevent further damage.

The easiest and best way to do this is with functional supplements that reduce cortisol.

Obviously reducing stress helps, too…  like cutting out coffee and other stimulants, and avoiding people, places, and things, that trigger stress in you.

But from professional (and personal) experience it’s IMPOSSIBLE to avoid stress… and that’s especially true if you’re in a relationship, have kids, a job, bills, drive, travel, watch TV, use social media, and have a dysregulated nervous system or a history of trauma or abuse. 

Cortisol is a very addictive hormone… so exposure to stress in your childhood (or whenever) can dysregulate your nervous system and trigger subconscious habits to spike more cortisol.  Self sabotage, fighting/having a short fuse, nightmares, reoccurring thoughts, and scrolling on social media are among the most common symptoms of a dysregulated nervous system and elevated cortisol.

This is another reason why I HIGHLY recommend supplements for cortisol.  They make it a lot easier to stay calm and non-reactive to stress.

That’s why I’m sharing the BEST supplements that are scientifically proven to reduce cortisol and stress.

If you have weight gain or stubborn fat (around the abdomen and face), high blood pressure, fatigue, digestive/gut health issues, inflammation, muscle weakness, hormone imbalances, fertility issues, blood sugar issues, cravings, mood swings, anxiety, depression, difficulty sleeping, premature aging, nutrient deficiency, frequent infections, nightmares, or any of the other symptoms of stress

then I strongly recommend cortisol supplements ASAP to help get the body back into balance so you can heal.

I have a few options for you, each with it’s own unique benefits.

Pick the option that best matches your unique needs and take it as directed.

By the way, these supplements are pharmaceutical grade… meaning they’re pure, potent, backed by science (they work!) and you can only get them from a credentialed practitioner, like me.  I’ve linked my recommendations to my unlocked practitioner dispensary so that you can order what you need without a consultation.





a bottle of Licorice Plus supplement to reduce cortisol by Metagenics

First up we have Licorice Plus from Metagenics to reduce cortisol.  This option is best if you’re going through a temporary/acute stressful event.  This supplement contains a blend of plant based support and is designed to support healthy cortisol metabolism to help the body manage stress more effectively.  (If you have chronic stress and more stress symptoms skip this supplement as you need more support, as shown below)

The main ingredients in this supplement are Licorice root which contains compounds known as glycyrrhizic acid and glycyrrhetinic acid, that help reduce cortisol levels.  This supplement also has ashwagandha, rehmannia, and Chinese Yam which are all herbs that have been used in traditional medicine systems, such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), for centuries to help reduce stress and promote overall well-being.  When combined they help reduce stress and other impacts cortisol can have on the body (like digestion, hormone imbalances, and more.)

This is best for those going through a ‘seasonal’ or temporary stressful event, like planning a wedding, going through a breakup, a work or school project, or the holidays.  Warning:  Do not use if pregnant, nursing or if you have heart disease or hypertension.

a bottle of Exhilarin® supplement that reduces cortisol and stress by Metagenics

The next supplement that reduces cortisol and stress is, Exhilarin® by Metagenics.  I recommend this if you have chronic stress that’s also affecting your energy levels.  If you feel burned out and fatigued in addition to feeling stressed, this is the supplement that I recommend most.  

This proprietary blend of Holy basil, Ashwagandha, Amla, and Bacopa are revered herbs in Ayurvedic medicine known for their stress-reducing properties. Holy basil, or Tulsi, acts as an adaptogen, helping the body cope with stress by regulating cortisol levels and supporting the adrenal glands. Ashwagandha similarly functions as an adaptogen, known for its ability to lower cortisol levels and promote a balanced stress response. Amla, rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, combats oxidative stress caused by elevated cortisol levels, thereby supporting overall health during periods of stress. Bacopa, renowned for its cognitive-enhancing properties, also helps reduce cortisol levels and supports mental clarity, contributing to a calmer mind amidst stress.

Together, these herbs offer a comprehensive approach to stress management, aiding in both physical resilience and mental well-being as well as improved energy.  Warning: Do not use if you’re pregnant or nursing.  

a bottle of Serenagen® Stress & Mood Support Supplement to reduce cortisol by Metagenics

Next up we have, Serenagen® by Metagenics.  I recommend this if you’ve been chronically stressed and it’s affecting your mood and throwing other stress related symptoms like fatigue, inflammation and digestive issues.

The combination of ingredients in this supplement are a blend of traditional Chinese herbs designed to alleviate stress and enhance mood through various mechanisms. Rehmannia Root and Dong Quai Root promote a sense of calmness and reducing irritability often associated with stress. Schisandra Fruit and Jujube Fruit act as adaptogens, helping the body adapt to stressors and improving resilience. Chinese Asparagus Root and Ophiopogon Root support lung and kidney function, respectively, aiding in balancing emotions and reducing fatigue. Scrophularia Root and Asian Ginseng Root enhance vitality and energy levels, combating the physical effects of stress. Chinese Salvia Root and Poria Fungus have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, protecting against stress-induced cellular damage. Polygala Root and Platycodon Root support cognitive function and mental clarity, improving mood and overall well-being. Together, these herbs synergistically address both the physical and emotional aspects of stress, promoting a balanced and resilient response to daily challenges.

Warning: Do not use if you’re pregnant or nursing.  

If you’ve been feeling stressed for a while and feel cranky and bitchy – this supplement is for you!



If you’re stressed pick ONE of the supplements above that best matches your unique needs.

  • Take this one, if you’re seasonally or situationally stressed – but not if you have blood pressure issues.
  • Take this one, if you’re chronically stressed and it’s making you (chronically) tired or affecting your sleep.
  • Take this one, if you’re chronically stressed and it’s affecting your mood, energy, and triggering other health issues like digestive, hormonal, inflammation, etc.

In addition to taking ONE of the above supplements that reduce cortisol you may also benefit from additional support, as shown below.


a bottle of NOW Gaba Supplements for stress and anxiety

If you have anxiety that’s causing your stress I HIGHLY recommend this GABA supplement to reduce cortisol in the body.  This is best for those with nervous system dysregulation (stress) and anxiety.,. or if you have anxiety that’s causing stress.  This makes you feel calm naturally without feeling like a tired zombie.

GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid) is a non-protein amino acid that functions as a neurotransmitter in the human brain.  GABA is naturally produced in the body and its presence within the central nervous system may help promote relaxation and ease nervous tension.  This also contains B-6 which is a precursor for production of all hormones, so this helps boost hormones that stress and anxiety deplete.

If you have anxiety, stress, and hormone issues, I recommend this GABA supplement.

Over an above nutraceutical supplements that reduce cortisol, I also recommend supplementing your workout routine with somatic exercises.

Somatic exercises balance the nervous system, keep it balanced, and also pull trapped emotions and stress out of the body so you can stay calm and stay that way.  Like I said above stress is addictive and can subconsciously cause the nervous system to remained imbalanced, elevating cortisol levels in the process.  Somatic exercises balance the nervous system quickly and naturally with gentle movements.

They’re AMAZING and you’ll feel them working in seconds… even faster than GABA.  Above you’ll see a sample somatic exercise.  Do this move for 30 seconds and if you feel more calm, peaceful and relaxed, THEN YOU HAVE A DYSREGULATED NERVOUS SYSTEM.

If you deal with stress often, have a history of trauma or tension, and/or a dysregulated nervous system – I highly recommend my Magic Moves Somatic Exercise Program. 

It’s truly magical and it’ll make you feel better and reduces cortisol quickly.  These exercises work great along with the supplements that reduce cortisol.

I hope this helped!

If you have any questions let me know in the comments.

Your Coach & Biggest Cheerleader,



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