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Need help mastering fitness motivation to workout?  Looking for fitness motivation so it’s easier to reach your goals?  Need some fitness motivation because you don’t feel like exercising?  I feel you!

Even as a trainer and fitness coach, sometimes it’s easy for me to want to workout… other times, not so much. (like a lot of the time…)


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It’s easy to want to skip your workout when that little voice inside your head starts seducing you with million ‘better things to do,’ isn’t it?

If you struggle with fitness motivation, I’ve got your back!

I’ve found that a lot of people who struggle with fitness motivation are having a tough time because they focus on using exercise to change their appearance.

But by focusing on physical and mental health benefits – instead of how I want to look or what you want to weigh – it’s a lot easier to get motivated and stay motivated.

When you focus on physical appearance alone – it can actually demotivate you out of exercising.

Focusing on what you don’t like about your body…

Comparing yourself to others… 

or focusing on how far you are from where you want to be…

Are all very demotivating reasons to think your way out of exercising because they can trigger excuses like:

“What’s the point?”

“I’ll never look like that.”

“I don’t like _____ fill in the blank about my body.”

Focusing on what you don’t like about your body or what isn’t ‘right’ about it can inspire excuses to give up.

I’ll be honest – changing physical appearance with workouts can take time if you’re inconsistent. (This is especially true when nutrition isn’t on point).

Shifting your focus to (internal) physical and mental benefits that you get immediately every time you exercise – makes it a lot easier to get motivated and want to workout.

That’s exactly why I’m sharing 20 inspiring facts about exercise – that have nothing to do with looks.

These reasons are motivating and actually make you want to workout.

If you’ve been in a funk,

If you’re struggling with consistency,

If you need a motivational kick in the pants…

This is for you!



The following reasons really help boost fitness motivation and inspire you to want to move your body… even when you don’t feel like it.

After you check out the list, leave me a comment and let me know which reason motivated you the most.


20 Facts about Fitness that Make it Easy to Get Motivated to Workout

(HINT:  They Have Nothing to do with the Way you Look)


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Fitness Motivation

(In no particular order)


1)  Exercise Prolongs Your Life

People who are physically active and workout regularly live longer and reduce the risk of premature death.  How do you want to spend the end of your life… Enjoying your golden years or fighting for more?


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2)  Fitness Improves Mental Clarity and Capacity

Physical activity improves cognitive performance, information processing and may delay cognitive impairment and dementia. According to researchers at the University of Illinois children who are physically active on a regular basis have better attention and working memory skills than kids who are inactive.  Elderly adults who engage in regular physical activity are better able to make decisions, have a better memory, and solve problems.


3)  Working out Can Help Prevent Cancer

Evidence exists that regular physical activity may lower the risk of developing several forms of common cancers, including, breast and colon.  As little as 20 minutes a day can help reduce cancer risk factors.


4)  Exercise Reduces Stress

Exercise triggers the release of chemicals in the brain called endorphins.  Once released into your bloodstream, endorphins give you a feeling of happiness and a sense of overall well-being.  I regret that workout… said no one ever.  Exercise also helps manage stress hormones.


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5)  Exercise Boosts Brain Function

Exercise stimulates the formation of new brain cells and strengthens the connections between them helping you feel focused, clear and empowered.  A majority of successful business people, CEOs and multi-millionaires are often times people that workout on a regular basis.  If you suffer from depression or brain fog, exercise should be an important part of your treatment plan.


6)  Being Fit Can Help Prevent Heart Attacks

Heart attacks happen when passages in the heart get blocked with “bad” LDL Cholesterol.  Unfortunately, exercise does not burn cholesterol the same way it does fat.  But, there’s good news!  Exercise increases the production of several enzymes in the muscles and liver that converts bad LDL cholesterol into a more favorable form, such as HDL-cholesterol.  HDL cholesterol is “good” for you.  It floats through the bloodstream removing bad LDL cholesterol from places it doesn’t belong, reducing build-up and clearing a path for blood to flow.


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7)  Exercise Helps with Depression

Studies have proven that exercise reduces symptoms of depression and improves mental health.  10 to 15 minutes sessions of exercise have also been shown to improve mood in the short term.  Research suggests that 30 minutes of exercise a day, three to five days a week can significantly improve depression symptoms and feelings of hopelessness and sadness.


8)  Exercise Lowers Blood Pressure

Stimulating blood flow by increasing your heart rate helps your ticket pump blood better.  All forms of exercise seem to be effective in reducing blood pressure.  Exercise can decrease blood pressure in overweight and obese individuals even before they experience any weight loss.


9)  Being Fit Makes You Feel Confident Naked

Both anaerobic (weight training) and aerobic exercise improve body composition and reduce body fat.  Regular physical activity helps to reach and maintain the physique and a weight you feel most comfortable at, so you feel more confident and secure in your own skin.  Feeling confident without clothes on helps improve feelings of self worth and security during intimacy, too.  Exercise has also been proven to improve sex life.


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10)  Being Fit Increases the Metabolism

Anaerobic exercise, or strength training, increases muscle strength and mass.  Lean muscle mass speeds the rate of energy use (aka calorie burn), resulting in an increased metabolism.  Accelerated metabolism burns more calories and reduce body fat.


11)  Exercise Can Improve Your Sex Life

Men who exercise regularly are less likely to have erectile dysfunction and impotence than are men who don’t exercise.  It’s also been proven to boost sexual satisfaction.  Plus, exercise improves muscle tone, endurance, and stamina.  It also burns fat which can boost confidence.  And when you feel confident and sexy in your own skin it’s easier to be naked and enjoy intimacy more.


12)  Working out Makes Your Bones Stronger

Consistent weight training improves bone health, strength and formation.  Anaerobic (weight training) exercises also delay bone loss and which can protect you from developing osteoporosis.   Reason #28039 why women shouldn’t be afraid of weight training.  If you want workouts that work best for women click here.


13)  Exercise Improves Quality of Sleep

Daily exercise can improve the quality of sleep you get, cause you to fall asleep quicker, stay asleep longer and feel more rested in the morning.  Would you rather fall asleep quickly or toss and turn until you drift off?  Sleep helps balance hormones and may make it easier to lose weight.


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14)  Being fit and in Shape Helps Ease Back Pain

Regular exercise can help reduce or eliminate back pain.  You have to work your front to help support your back.  Increasing core strength with ab exercises helps improve posture, support the spinal and prevent back pain.  Working your back muscles helps improve range of motion.  Plus, dropping some lbs. helps reduce the pressure on your bones and joints.


15)  Exercise Helps Women through Menopause

Exercise is an excellent alternative to hormone replacement therapy for postmenopausal women.  High-intensity exercise can significantly reduces the loss of bone and muscle mass, weight gain, and help with depression that can occur as you transition into menopause.


16)  Exercise Improves Immunity

Studies show that regular moderate exercise can help delay the decline in immune function that happens naturally with age.   When you have a lower body fat percentage your body is better able to fight germs because your system isn’t being bogged down fighting the side effects of excess fat.


17)  Working Out Helps regulate Digestion and keeps you Regular

Exercise is beneficial for people who suffer from constipation.  Feeling backed up isn’t a fun feeling.  If you have problems dropping a deuce daily physical activity can help get things moving again.  When your pipes get clear out belly bulge and bloat reduce.  Plus, the scale will drop a few pounds as your body passing pounds from excessive waste weight.  #winning


18)  Exercise Prevents Type 2 Diabetes

There is strong evidence from randomized controlled studies that moderate physical activity combined with a balanced diet can reduce the risk of developing diabetes by people who are already at risk by 50-60%.  If diabetes is swimming in your gene pool, moving your body now can help prevent it.


19)  Being Fit Helps Leverage your Love of Food

Love to Eat?  Me too, girlfriend!!  When the opportunity to indulge presents itself you can, guilt-free when you earn it first.  When you take in more calories than your body needs it’ll be stored as fat.  Exercise allows you to maintain balance by burning extra calories needed to offset the intake from enjoying your cookies, cocktails, or chips.


20)  Time spent on Fitness is Quality Me Time

Exercise gives you a chance to put the phone away, forget about your family, finances, and work and have some quality time me-time to recharge and revive yourself.   Whether you take a walk, a run, bike ride, or weight train – working out is the best way to show yourself some love.  Plus you always end your workout feeling better than you did before you started.


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Which reason was your favorite?  I’d love to hear what you think! Leave me a comment and let me know what motivated you the most.

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