Last Updated on November 3, 2022

Ever feel that the moment you start trying to lose weight and be healthier, that someone always seems to chime in with their own opinions about what you should be doing?

You were looking for a high-five and support – but instead, you got conflicting comments, random recommendations, or fictitious feedback about what you want to do…Do this, don’t do that, have you ever heard about…. You don’t need to lose weight, you’re fine… Wanna go get something to eat?

Breaking old, unhealthy habits is hard enough, when you’re going it alone… and
everybody seems to have their own opinion about the best way to lose weight. The last thing you need is a Chatty Cathy sabotaging your success or messing with your mojo!

Protect yourself, before you Wreck Yourself

That’s what this post is all about. How to deal with and avoid the people affecting your weight loss success and how to move forward confident and committed – no matter what. There are lots of valuable tips and helpful insight that can help you avoid the top 10 people that may affect your ability to lose weight.

Once you’ve watched, I’d love to know your biggest takeaway from today’s video training.


10 People to Avoid if You’re Trying to Lose Weight



There are 10 different types of people you should try to avoid while you’re trying to lose weight.  Often when people try to lose weight, they often encounter a lot of unsolicited outside advice.  Sometimes, it comes from people in our every day lives, friends, family, co-workers…

They have an uncanny ability to plant a seed of insecurity and self-doubt.  This can leave you feeling bummed and demotivated…  like it’s pointless to try… like there’s something wrong with you.

There is nothing wrong with you!  You’re amazing!  You can lose the weight you want to become the best possible version of you – that *you* want to be.

Here are the 10 Types of People in your life that you should avoid – or limit your exposure to – while you’re losing weight.  Avoid them to make your weight loss journey easier and more enjoyable.


Soul-Sucking Sara

A Soul-Sucking Sara is a person who makes ‘jokes’ or negative comments about you or your body. A Soul-Sucking Sara may be a full-blown bully there to isolate, torture, and shame you publicly. Or worse… Your Sara may be a family friend or relative! You can’t escape them. They make comments – at your expense – even though it’s highly likely they really love the hell out of you!

But, that makes it worse! Maybe it was an ‘innocent’ observation, a one-time comment. Maybe they gave you a nickname… Ever see the movie, Never Been Kissed, with Drew Barrymore? A bunch of Soul Sucking Sara’s nicknamed her ‘Josie Grossie.’ Even her brother got in on it. Poor thing!


Im-not-Josie-Grossie-anymore gif


Regardless of the intent, their comments or ‘jokes’ hit you hard. It’s like you’re in Wonderland – you just had a taste of one of Alice’s treats… and now you feel itty bitty, insecure, and under a spotlight… While everyone else starts laughing. You’re sitting there dying inside, hoping, waiting, wishing someone would stick up for you. Steer clear of them. They trigger too much negativity and insecurity for you.  Sort of like a…


Two-Cents Tonya

This is the person who finds out you’re on a diet or doing a specific type of workout like ‘P90X’ or ‘Cross Fit’ and start talking about what’s wrong with it. It’s: too tough, too dangerous, too this, too that. They start giving you their unsolicited opinions and advice about what you should be doing instead.

Maybe they comment about your body, too. ‘Are you gaining weight?’ ‘Maybe you shouldn’t have bread (dessert/so much).’ Uh, who asked you? Take their advice with a grain of salt and make healthy choices that work best for your body, goal, and lifestyle. Always avoid a…


Negative Nancy

This mofo is like an anchor for your soul… and will drag you down, if you let them. They complain and bitch about their problems but they never do anything to fix them! It’s not difficult to be drug down to the depths and join in on the pity party, especially if you struggle with motivation, depression, emotional eating, emotional drinking, illness, and/or injury!

Especially if they’re also a…


No-Go Jo Jo

This is the person offers you no support whatsoever. When they catch wind you’re trying to lose weight, they say you’re fine and you don’t need to lose any!  Often times No-Go Jo Jo’s are afraid they’ll be left behind. Stay focused. Stay in your own lane and keep heading towards your goal. Be extra careful if they morph into…


Tina the Tempter

This is the person that has a certain type of lifestyle. They love food and booze, and they’re always ready, willing, and able to share with you. You know that when you’re around them you will always join in. If you can’t beat ‘em you should join ‘em, right? Even after you say ‘No Thanks!’


Tina The Tempter


They won’t hesitate to crack open a bottle of wine or a cheesecake in front of you… They love spending time with you and you love spending time with them. Stay true to you and your goals. Be careful though, Tina’s will often tempt you while making false promises about supporting you.

Just like a…


No Show Natalie

This is the person who says they’ll do it, wants to do it, but when it comes time to do it they NEVER show up. A lot of people become dependent on others to be there when they workout. When they suddenly can’t make it it’s easy to tap out, too. Don’t. Make and keep your commitments. Working out with someone who doesn’t truly want to be there isn’t fun either. Especially, if they’re a…




Small Talk Tony

This is the person who sees you in the gym and strikes up a conversation. For them, the gym is a social event… Happy Hour with weights and elliptical machines. They chit chat until they’re blue in the face or they see someone else they want to talk to – stealing away your precious time you should be using to exercise.

Try walking and talking with them on a treadmill. iPods are an effective tool when dealing with a Small Talk Tony. When they pounce, take out just one of earbud from your headphones – and slow down enough to say hello, but don’t stop moving towards your equipment of choice. Hopefully, they’ll get the hint… so you can pop your headphone bud back in a start rocking out. They are the exact opposite of a…


Boot Camp Bonnie

A Boot Camp Bonnie works out for hours a day. Their world revolves around workouts. They constantly talk about it and post about it on Facebook and Instagram. A workout only truly counts when you check-in right? Be careful with a boot-camper. They are so positive about exercise that it’s easy to follow them because they’re so motivating and you can count on them.

However, it’s much better to start with the least possible amount of exercise that gets you results, then add to it. Your body adapts to everything and when you start with too much, eventually you may need hours of exercise to maintain your results. Ever see an overweight aerobics instructor? They exercise hours a day but don’t look like it? Your body wasn’t meant to boot camp! You can seriously screw up your metabolism following a Boot-camper. Plus, overdoing it, oftentimes can trigger symptoms of overtraining, like insomnia, loss of muscle mass, fatigue, or injury. It’s also possible to experience the same setbacks if you follow a…


Scammy Sammy

A Scammy Sammy lights up like a Christmas tree when they learn you want to lose weight…. because they want to sell you gimmicky, bogus weight loss pills, potions, powders, and programs. Often times a Scammy Sammy, tried the products, they liked them and they decided to make extra cash selling them, too. It’s okay to support and respect their hustle, (I do!) but buyer beware…

Scammy Sammy’s use sleezy sales practices, don’t know how their products adversely affect people’s health or goals, have no formal education, use cookie-cutter ‘advice,’ and are motivated by money.

Typically Scammy Sammy’s over-exaggerate the benefits of their products with no real knowledge of possible contradictions, nutrition, or training.  They don’t truly know how to help you reach your specific weight loss and wellness goals and properly prescribe a plan perfect for you, your lifestyle, and goal – the same way a professional trainer or nutritionist can.


They are…


Basic Betty’s

These are people that aren’t trainers. They aren’t nutritionists. They have another full-time profession, that’s completely unrelated to weight loss and wellness. They never spent a second in an educational facility learning the science behind macro and micronutrients. They don’t have a full understanding of anatomy, metabolic rates, muscle fiber density, and how to properly. They simply have a passion for fitness and they are all about giving you the latest and greatest tips they picked up online, on a talk show or from a magazine. l like to give their two-cents about it…


Just like a Two-Cents Tonya…

I’ve personally had to deal with all of the above… If anyone chooses to ignore your awesomeness and highlight your flaws – that has nothing to do with you.  They’re just projecting their own insecurities, issues, and beliefs onto you.  Steer clear of these people.  They’re triggers.  You deserve better!

These tips work, if you work them! Avoid these people if you can, because you and your results are so worth it!!


Your Coach and Biggest Cheerleader,

Christina Carlyle

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