Last Updated on July 14, 2021

Looking for some easy, yet effective tricep exercises for women?  This is for you!

The dreaded ‘bat wing’ area of the triceps is a real confidence killer for many women.  As the largest muscles in your arms, you need to target the triceps if you want to see noticeable definition and smaller arms.

That’s why I created this tricep workout with the best triceps exercises for women.

Paired together in a tricep workout they target all of the triceps muscles.  If you want to tighten and tone the ‘bat wing’ area of your arms, this routine is perfect for you!



Tricep Exercises for Women


Because we’re using lighter weights and more reps, this training method helps make arms toned and tiny – not bigger.

Plus, these exercises help increase heart rate which helps turn these weight training into a cardio routine, too which means more calorie (and fat) burn for you.

See me explain more and share the best tricep exercises for women in today’s episode of CCtv.

When you’re done watching, leave me a comment and let me know which exercise worked best for you.




The Best Tricep Exercises for Women


You can do this tricep workout once or twice a week… or add a few these exercises into your regular training routine.

Paired with a proper meal plan and complete training program, this workout will help you get noticeable results so you can show off your toned arms and wear sleeveless tops confidently.

Tricep Exercises for Women


Tricep Workout Instructions


  • Warm up first with some cardio (5 to 10 minutes) and a few arm stretches.
  • Use a 5 to 8 pound set of dumbbells and focus on using proper form.
  • Repeat each exercise for 15 reps to complete one full round or set.
  • Do 3 full sets of all 8 exercises to complete this tricep workout.
  • Do this workout one time a week along with my other workouts for women.
  • For the best results do this workout along with my Total Transformation Program.



I hope you liked this workout!  Which move was your favorite?

Let me know in the comments.

As always this workout works, only if you work it.

So work it!  You are so worth it!!

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Overhead tricep extension exercise done by Christina Carlyle

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