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Ab Workout for a Flat, Tighter, Toned, Tummy


If you’re looking for a fun, effective ab workout, that will tighten your tummy, you’re in the right place. This ab workout helps tighten abdominal muscles, improves core strength, and burns fat.

The best part? This ab workout burns, only uses dumbbells and can be done in 20 minutes. It’s perfect for busy women that want to exercise their tummy quickly at home or the gym.

Ab Workout for Women being done by trainer Christina Carlyle

Here’s the ab workout we’re doing – Keep reading for tips on how to get a flat, toned, tummy!


Why this ab workout works well


  1. It’s Quick and Works – I know women are busy, that’s why I made this workout with some of the best fat burning exercises that target all of the major muscles in the core and increases heart rate so you can burn calories. Buh bye belly fat!
  2. You can work this Ab Workout Anywhere – Most of the exercises in this workout are bodyweight only. Only one exercise requires dumbbells. If you don’t have weights at home, you can use a can of soup, book, or anything else that weighs 2 to 5 pounds. Because you don’t need equipment, you can do this workout at home or the gym.
  3. It makes you Feel Awesome!  I design all of my workouts for women to boost ‘happy’ hormones so it’s easy for you to lose weight and feel great when you’re done exercising.
  4. It works while you’re working it – and keeps working after the workout is over, too! – My workouts boost metabolism so you can burn calories during the exercises and continue to burn fat after the workout ends!  How’s that for results?




Knee Tuck Crunch Ab Exercise

Christina Carlyle doing a knee tuck extension ab exercise

Start on all fours. Exhale as you draw your knee in and up towards your chest as far as you can. This is your start position. Inhale and extend your leg back and upward until it’s fully extended. Exhale and your knee back in and up towards your chest to complete one rep. Complete the same number of reps with both legs to complete one set.



Woodchop ab exercise being done by Christina Carlyle

Stand with your feet apart. While holding a weight with both hands, lift the weight up and across to one side. Your feet should pivot to help you extend the weight back and to the side. This is your start position. Pivot your feet as you rotate the weight down and across your body toward the opposite corner. Reverse the movement, lifting the weight back up and back across your body to the start position. One full ‘chopping’ movement counts as one rep. Do the same number of reps on the other side to complete your set.



Side Plank Pulse ab exercise being done by Christina Carlyle

A side plank is your start position. Lower your hip down to the floor, then immediately lift your hip back up to the start position. Continue pulsing your hip up and down, quickly racking up reps until you feel the burn. Once you feel the burn, do 5 more. Switch sides and repeat the movement on the other side to complete your set.



Hip Dip Ab Exercise being done by trainer Christina Carlyle

Start in a modified plank position on your elbows.  Keep your core tight rotate your hips as you dip down to one side. Immediately reverse the movement dipping your other hip down to the opposite side, to complete one rep. Tip: Only use your core muscles to lower your hips down.  Keep your spine neutral, don’t pitch your booty up.


Thread the Needle Ab Exercise being done by Christina Carlyle

Get in a side plank with your upper arm extended overhead. This is your start position. Rotate your arm down and under your body, threading it through the negative space between your body and the ground, as if you’re drawing thread through a needle. Reverse the movement and return to the start position to complete one rep. Do the same number of reps on the other side to complete one set.



Reverse Crunch Ab Exercise being done by trainer Christina Carlyle

Lie on your back with knees bent and hands behind your head. Lift your legs up, keeping your knees bent. This is your start position. Exhale and pull your knees in toward chest as far as you can, lifting your hips up and off the floor. Inhale and lower back to starting position to complete one rep. Tip: Extend your arms out to the side for support.


Here’s a recap of the ab exercises in this workout again, in order

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  • This workout only has 6 ab exercises
  • Do each exercise until you feel the burn. Once you feel the burn do 5 more, then stop.
  • Move quickly from one exercise to the next, taking little rest in-between.  Avoiding rest between exercises helps increase calorie burn.
  • Keep going until you’re done with 1 full round of all 6 exercises.
  • Do 3 full sets to complete your workout.  If 3 rounds feels too easy, add another set or 2.
  • Do this workout 1 time a week. I recommend alternating this workout with the ab exercises in this workout.
  • TIP: For the best possible results, follow a fat burning meal plan and full body exercise program.  Hint: I design my programs so you can burn fat and tone up all over with the most food and least exercise possible. All of my free workouts are made to work with my programs.

I love hearing what you think about my workouts.  Did you feel the burn?  What exercise was your favorite? Please leave me a comment and let me know.

Hugs and love

Your Coach and Biggest Cheerleader


Looking for more fat ab workouts?  I got you!



A lot of people have belly fat and/or belly bloat instead of the flat, defined abs they really want. That’s how my client Rosaria felt, too.

Before I get into the exercises, I’m sharing Rosaria’s story and the exact same tips and ab workout routine she used to get the flat, toned tummy she wanted.

Rosaria found me on YouTube and emailed me. “I want to wear a size 4 comfortably without a muffin top or love handles bulging out over the sides of my jeans. I‘ve been hiding my stomach with high-waisted leggings and over-sized t-shirts. It’s embarrassing.” 

She’s a busy woman and wanted quick and easy core workouts that she could do at home or the gym.  

But abs are made in the kitchen and to get a tight toned core you have to use food, too!

This is a good thing because we can get better results with LESS workouts!


Ab Workouts don’t burn fat as quickly as nutrition can. Ab workouts tighten and tone core muscles but food melts fat off abs better than exercises do.  NOTE: This ab workout is effective on its own. You’ll feel the burn because I made it with some of the best ab exercises for women.

Before I get into the ab workout, we have to address nutrition first.  I’m sharing this with you because I used to be 40 pounds overweight and always wanted a flat, tight tummy… but even though I could lose weight, I still felt like I was impossible to make my abs stay flat and make definition pop. I know all about belly fat and how to make it go away.

  • Old me on the left (10+ years ago before I knew a thing about food and use to workout way too much and did a million crunches for nothing)
  • New me on the Right (maintained for 10+ years – I eat a lot and only workout my core once a week and rarely do crunches)

Christina Carlyle before and after


To get results from your ab workouts you also have to use proper nutrition because abs reveal themselves faster when you burn belly fat and reduce bloating. Speaking from personal experience, it gets SO frustrating to exercising endlessly without noticeable results.

Belly fat and bloating are often signs of digestive distress, hormone imbalances, toxicity, stress, inflammation, and/or immune responses that indicated metabolic dysfunction.

NOTE: You can’t out-exercise metabolic dysfunction, bloating, and digestive issues because they make fat more stubborn. My programs help overcome issues that make belly fat stubborn quickly.




When Rosaria was wanting ab workouts, I immediately started Rosaria on my Reset Cleanse, instead. My cleanse helps detox the body and resets the metabolism. She lost 7 pounds her first week, felt more energized, motivated, and confident because belly was flatter and her sugar cravings disappeared, too. (Note: Exercise is optional on my Reset Cleanse!)

Next, she started my Total Transformation program after the cleanse was over. This program helps keep hormones balanced and reduces inflammation that can make fat feel stubborn. She lost another 9 pounds in 4 weeks on the Total Transformation program.

You can reduce belly fat a lot faster with food than you ever can with ab workouts, crunches, and cardio.  If you need help with nutrition check out my weight loss and wellness programs for women.


 Results using my Total Transformation Program


After Rosaria’s fat burned away we added in this ab workout routine onto her other workouts to make core definition pop.  After 2 weeks using this ab workout routine to her program, Rosaria got the toned tummy she wanted with less exercise. You can, too.

That’s why I’m sharing this workout and belly fat burning tips so you can get results, avoid frustration, and see your abs get tight and toned!  Speaking from personal experience I can honestly say it’s an amazing feeling!