How to Stop Sugar Cravings

I know this sounds crazy but I guarantee this one weird trick helps stop sugar cravings quickly…

If you’re craving sugar eat green beans!   Green beans can help stop sugar cravings (almost) instantly.

The next time you’re craving sugar, eat green beans to stop your sugar cravings in seconds.

Fresh green beans are the best choice to stop sugar cravings but, frozen green beans work well too… Plus, you don’t have to worry about prepping them.  Keep some frozen green beans in your freezer.  When a craving strikes, microwave a cup of beans with a few tablespoons of water until they’re done.

If you’re a sugar addict or emotional eater trying to curb sugar cravings… canned green beans are a great tool to help break your sugar addiction and stop strong cravings quickly.   As a former sugar addict, I know(!!) sometimes you just can’t wait to thaw, cook or prep fresh or frozen beans.

If you’re addicted to sugar, popping the top of canned green beans is a great way to help break your addiction.  I recommend getting a few cans of low sodium green or french green beans (BPA free cans) and keeping a stash at home.

Green beans are great for your house… but it’s not really ideal to carry cans around with you.

If you crave sugar constantly – or simply don’t enjoy green beans, banaba leaf supplements are a great alternative to help stop sugar cravings, too.

The Best Supplement to Stop Craving Sugar

Banaba leaf supplements (pronounced just like banana… but with a ‘b’) will help stop sugar cravings, too but because they’re encapsulated they take a little longer to take effect than green beans do.

I carry banaba on trips and when I’m hella hormonal… just in case my inner cookie monster manifests.

You may be able to find banaba leaf at your local health food store.  I can’t… I only have one time and it was $30. (?!)

Banaba is a little known natural cure for sugar cravings and not too many people know about it, which is why I get my Paradise Herbs Banaba Leaf on Amazon.  (it’s cheaper on Amazon, too!)

Honestly, if I can end my emotional eating, conquer my sugar addiction and stop cravings…  YOU can do it.

It works, if you work it!  Work it, YOU’RE worth it!  If you try this, please leave me a comment to let me know if you felt a difference in your cravings.

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