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How to Stop Sugar and Carb Cravings in Seconds


If you crave sugar, carbs, processed foods, or struggle with emotional eating, binge eating, or food addiction this post has all of my top tips that stop cravings quickly.

Long before I knew anything about nutrition, fitness, health, or how to help others I struggled with carbs, sugar cravings was a full blown food addict.


carb cravings memeLiterally the old me


I personally know what it’s like to struggle.  I professionally know how to stop sugar and carb cravings.


LEFT:  Me personally struggling with cravings.  RIGHT: Me professionally in complete control over food, off sugar, and without any cravings.

Christina Carlyle before and after

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I know what really works and that’s why I’m sharing ALL of my top tips to help you stop struggling and start overcoming your cravings, too.

If you have random sugar cravings, if you have intense sugar or carbs cravings, or if you flat out feel addicted to processed junk foods crave food all the time, this post covers all of the above.

NOTE: If you crave something specific, like pickles for example, that can indicate a nutrient deficiency.  These tips won’t help resolve cravings caused by nutrient deficiencies.  The tips in this post stop sugar and carb cravings, specifically and exclusively. 

Everything I’m about to share works, if you work it.

I’m going to start with the best tips that stop cravings, first, then I’m going to add on more tips, tricks, suggestions, and supplements proven to stop cravings, too.




5 Ways to Stop Sugar Cravings Quickly:


Start with the first tip, then work your way down.  Please watch the video/read this entire post.  It has everything you need to stop all cravings for sugar and carbs.

  • Green Beans – Weird right?? Keep reading!
  • Smart Substitutions for Sugar and Carbs
  • Sour Tastes
  • Banaba LeafThis is the Best Supplement for Carb and Sugar Cravings (in my opinion) you can also use berberine…
  • Your Thoughts





NOTE:  This is going to sound weird… but hear me out.

This one weird trick helps stop sugar cravings quickly.

If you’re craving sugar eat green beans!  Green beans can help stop sugar cravings (almost) instantly.  There’s a phytochemical in green beans that helps stop cravings.


I'm sorry what meme

Weird right?  Totally random, I know.




I remember hearing that for the first time from a lady in a health food store.  At the time I was a full-blown food addict who was addicted to sugar and carbs.

I went to the health food store for help.  And I got it.

A holistic, hippie-looking lady approached me.  I told her I was addicted to carbs, sugar, and processed foods and asked for a supplement to stop my cravings.

She suggested a supplement (it’s the same one I share that below)…

As we were walking to find the supplement on the shelf together she said, “You know this supplement doesn’t work as well as green beans.”

Me:  “Green beans stop cravings??”

Her:  “Yeah, green beans help stop sugar cravings and work after a few seconds.”

Me:  “Green beans???? Seriously?”

Her:  “Yep. Try some the next time you have a craving.  There’s a phytochemical compound in green beans that stops cravings instantly.”

Me:  “Just green beans?”

Her:  “Yep.”

Me:  Silent, staring at her with a blank stare.  I was standing there thinking there’s no way green beans will stop MY cravings. I was literally a food addict and struggled forever.  I was desperate for help but confused by her suggestion.


What meme


I said, “Green beans work on sugar and carb cravings???  Like strong, intense once I pop I can’t stop kind of cravings???”

Her:  laughing “Yes. Weird right?  But it works. Just eat them out of a can. They work. I can’t remember what the phytochemical is, but I heard it once at a lecture and it works.  Green beans are the best thing for sugar cravings.  Do you like green beans?”

Me:  “Yeah.” They were actually one of the few vegetables I did like at the time.

Her:  “Then try it. You won’t need a lot. But I think it’ll help you.”

Me:  “Ok, I will.”

She handed me the supplements (see below). I thanked her. I walked over to the canned goods section and bought a basket full of green beans.


spending money meme


Later that night, a craving hit, and I found myself walking to the pantry, per usual.

But this time instead of stuffing my face with carbs and sugary crap, I grabbed the green beans instead. I popped the top, drained them, and literally started shoveling them in my mouth the same way I used to binge eat sugary processed carbs. (Keep in mind I was a binge eating food addict… Once I started eating, it was like I was in my own personal Man Vs. Food contest…)

As I was eating them I thought they wouldn’t work.  But after about a minute I had NO CRAVINGS FOR SUGAR OR CARBS. None. 

One teeny tiny can of green beans stopped my sugar cravings in seconds, just like the lady said they would. 

My jaw was on the floor.  Normally I could eat literally bags, boxes, and cartons of carbs.  I’d eat and eat and eat until the point where I was stuffed and felt gross.

But this single small can of green beans stopped me from feeling like I needed more food, my cravings were gone, and my desire to eat was gone, too.

For the first time in a long time, I had control over my food cravings.


Happy dance Carlton gif


This was also the first time I realized food wasn’t just food…  Food is information that communicates to the body and mind.  This single experience inspired my career and my obsession with learning how to eat to influence my body.

This is how I get people such incredible results. If I could go back in time and thank that lady I would.  This was approximately 14 years ago… and I’ve been using it ever since.

Green beans stopped my cravings.

I’ve shared it with my clients… who think it’s weird, too by the way… 

Green beans stop their cravings, too!

I have no idea which phytochemical in green beans works so well (there are 72 total).

Green beans have fiber (fiber tells your brain full) but SO many other foods have fiber, and they don’t work as well as green beans.  Nothing stops cravings as well as green beans do.

Not just for me, either.  Green beans have helped literally hundreds of my clients stop cravings, too.  All of my tips work if you work them.

That’s why I’m sharing them with you!


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The next time you’re craving sugar, eat green beans to stop your sugar cravings in seconds.


#1 BEST: Fresh, Raw Green Beans are the best choice for stopping cravings.  Fresh beans have the most nutrients.

TIP: If your cravings are strong wash and prep green beans first.  That way when a craving hits, you can eat them and don’t have to worry about preparing them.

TIP:  Pre-packaged green beans (canned) and take them with you to control cravings away from home.  (Work, school, travel, events, etc.)

NOTE:  If you struggle with carbs and sugar cravings you won’t like the taste at first.  Eat them anyway or use canned green beans to stop your cravings instead.


#2nd BEST: Frozen Green Beans

Frozen green beans work well for random, less intense cravings. You don’t have to worry about prepping them.

TIP:  Keep some frozen green beans in your freezer.  When a craving strikes, microwave a cup of beans with a few tablespoons of water until they’re done.


#3rd BEST: (recommended) Canned Green Beans (Bonus points if they’re Organic and in a BPA Free-Can)

If you’re a sugar addict or emotional eater trying to curb sugar cravings… canned green beans are a great tool to help break your sugar addiction and stop strong cravings quickly.

As a former sugar addict, I know(!!) sometimes you just can’t wait to thaw, cook, or prep fresh or frozen beans.

If you’re addicted to sugar or have intense cravings, popping the top of canned green beans is a great way to help break your addiction.

TIP:  I recommend getting a few cans of green or french green beans and keeping a stash at home.





As much as you want until your cravings go away. Green beans are low in calories and high in fiber and nutrients so don’t worry about how much you eat. Just eat them and stop when you’re satisfied.



Sugar and carbs are addictive. They’re 8 times more addictive than hard drugs.  If you’re in a habit of eating carbs green beans won’t ‘cure’ you. If you eat green beans and continue to eat carbs and sugar, you will continue to experience cravings.

The more carbs and sugar you consume, the more cravings you’ll have.  You can use green beans to stop cravings.  But only avoiding carbs and sugar stops cravings from coming back.

NOTE:  If you use green beans (and other tips) and continue to eat carbs, sugar, and processed foods your body will adapt and the tips become less and less effective.


Green Beans on a cutting Board




Green beans work best for ‘light’ less intense sugar and carb cravings.

Add on the following tips if you:

  • Struggle with strong carb and sugar cravings
  • If you crave sugar constantly
  • If you always feel hungry
  • If you simply don’t like or are allergic to green beans




If you crave sugar and carbs swap in fruits and vegetables instead.  Fruits and vegetables have fiber.  Fiber helps tell the brain “I’m full.”  High fiber foods have carbs and help to stop cravings. Quitting cold turkey can make you feel nuts and can set you up for binge eating.

Yes, fruit has fructose.  Fructose is fruit sugar.  Fruit also has fiber and other phytochemicals and nutrients that help the body process the fructose.

TIP:  Do not drink juice.  Juice has sugar and no fiber.  Juice causes sugar cravings and is not ideal for health or weight loss!  Vegetable juice is ok!  Fruit juice is not!

For other carb cravings swap in anything else that’s organic and contains fiber and zero added sugars.

Protein is also important for stopping cravings.  Protein helps stabilize blood sugar levels and stop hunger and cravings for carbs.




There are 5 main ‘tastes’.  They are sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and umami (aka savory).  Sour, bitter tastes help reprogram tastes for sweet things.  Sour and bitter tastes serve as a “warning.” The body perceives acidity or bitter taste as a potential toxin.

There is a ton of research showing that sour tastes can block the receptors in the brain responsible for causing cravings for simple sugars and carbs.

This is part of the reason why Apple Cider Vinegar is trending.  ACV is bitter and can stop cravings.  But ACV tastes nasty and can cause heartburn in people with acidity issues.

That’s why I recommend lemon water.  That’s also part of the reason I created my Lemon Water Challenge.


Lemons on a white tablecloth




  • Use Apple Cider Vinegar.  (dilute a half ounce in 3 oz. of water and drink it fast!  Have a chaser ready!  It’s nasty, potent stuff but it has other benefits… that’s why you hear about it everywhere.  DO NOT use ACV if you have heartburn… it can make it worse)
  • Take on my Lemon Water Challenge.  It’s seriously the easiest detox you’ll ever do and helps stop sugar cravings.
  • Squeeze fresh lemon juice on your meals to add fresh flavor and reduce cravings.
  • Ask for extra lemon when you order at restaurants then add it to your water & food.




Banaba leaf supplements will help stop sugar cravings, too but because they’re encapsulated they take a little longer to take effect than green beans do.

Banaba is pronounced just like banana… but with a ‘b’ bah-nab-bah.

I used to carry banaba on trips and when I’m hormonal… in case my inner cookie monster manifested.

Banaba is a little known natural way to stop sugar cravings and not too many people know about it.  A lot of people think it’s only good for balancing blood sugar (and it is) but it’s also good for sugar cravings.

I recommend Paradise Herbs Banaba Leaf on Amazon.  This is the exact same banaba leaf I used that worked for me.  This is what the bottle looks like.

You may be able to find banaba leaf at your local health food store.  I can’t… I only have one time.

A step up from banaba is berberine.  Berberine is a natural, plant derived source blood sugar stabilizer that also helps suppress cravings and hormonally induced cravings.  You can learn more about what berberine is and why it’s great on the blog here.

Berberine is best for someone with ‘hard to break’ cravings, a history of emotional eating/binge eating, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, autoimmune issues, or stubborn fat due to metabolic dysfunction.

The berberine supplement that I recommend most is this one from Metagenics… because it’s pure (clean and made with quality ingredients) and potent (actually works).  But also because it contains green tea which is necessary for the proper absorption and metabolism of the berberine.  Remember, it doesn’t matter if you’re taking a supplement if you can’t absorb it.  And if you can’t absorb it you won’t get the benefits.

A lot of other brands of berberine floating around are full of stimulants and fillers that do way more harm than good.  So the berberine supplements you find on Amazon or online that aren’t coming from a reputable source are not recommended.

Metagenics berberine supplements are only available through credentialed practitioners (like me) and I’ve decided to make them available to my audience so you can get the benefits if needed…

Also, because I wish I would’ve had access to this back when I was struggling with sugar addiction, nonstop cravings, and all of my health issues.  If you’re struggling, there’s no shame in getting support so you can get back on track… and I’ve seen so many of my clients benefit from this berberine supplement.





You 100% can think yourself into (and out of) cravings. Sugar (and simple carbs) is 8 times more addictive than narcotic drugs like crack cocaine and heroin.  Sugar creates habits.  Habits are reinforced physically and mentally/emotionally.

I remember thinking I should want more sugar after using green beans… when I physically didn’t. I thought I would need more food… but I wasn’t hungry or craving anymore. I had to tell myself no, you don’t need more… and then stay the heck away from more sugar. If you keep eating sugar, you’ll keep craving it.

If you try these tips – and think they won’t work – they won’t. If you think you can’t stop cravings, if you think these tips won’t work, and/or if you don’t want to try these tips, that’s a HUGE SIGN you’re physically dependent on sugar.

If you want to cancel out cravings, lose weight, and feel more healthy, energized, and confident, check out my Reset Cleanse.  It balances hormones and stops cravings from coming back!


Christina Carlyle Reset Cleanse Reviews


Also, sometimes you can experience mental cravings because the nervous system is stuck in fight/flight.  When that happens, cortisol is released and blood sugar levels are affected – causing cravings in the process.

The only way to stop this is to balance the nervous system and reduce cortisol.  The easiest and best way to do that (virtually instantly) is with somatic exercises!  If you’re stressed or struggle with emotional eating then I strongly recommend my Magic Moves Somatic Exercise Program.

It works if you work it!  Work it, YOU’RE worth it!

If you try these tips, please leave me a comment to let me know what helped you stop your cravings the most!  I love hearing what you think and what works for you.

If you think this post could help someone you know, please share it.

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