Last Updated on October 21, 2021

If your love handles make you insecure and you want to see lower back bulges melt away, these love handle exercises are for you!

I wasn’t genetically blessed with a tiny, curvy waistline…

When I was 40 pounds heavier my love handles were always a huge source of insecurity for me.

It’s NOT fun seeing your back fat popping out from your yoga pants, jeans, underwear, and bikini bottoms, is it?  NO, it’s not. 

Virtually all of my clients don’t like their love handles very much either. That’s why I’m sharing the best exercises for love handles with you!

If your love handles make you insecure, these exercises will help you!  They’re the exact same exercises I recommend with my personal training clients and do myself because they work!



HINT:  See the love handle exercises in action below the workout made with the love handle exercises.

So. Many. Ladies. I’ve been working with lately want love handle exercises to shrink their waistlines.

They want an itty bitty Kim-K style waists and more bubble in their booty.

Here’s the deal…. you can squat your brains out and do crunches til the cows come home.

BUT if you want to truly see your booty pop and waistline shrink you have to – I repeat HAVE TO – do love handle exercises.

See the difference?  Same size booty… but it pops more when the love handles are minimized.


showing the difference in back proportions with and without love handles

This is a top trainer trick to help you make your booty pop.  No squats required.

That’s exactly why I put together today’s love handle workout for you.

In it, I included 6 different love handle exercises you can rotate into your routine – or do them all together for a complete lose-your-love-handles workout.

All you need is a set of dumbbells and a willingness to lose your love handles.  Ready?


Workout with the Best Love Handle Exercises for Women



Love Handle Exercises done by Christina Carlyle


What makes these love handle exercises the best?


Getting rid of fat from the love handle area can be tricky. The muscles in the lower back attach to the spine and pelvis in different directions. Some of the muscles run up and down. Some are diagonal.

I’ve found that the best exercises for love handles target and tighten the lower back muscles from all different angles and directions. Hint: that’s what these exercises do and why they’re the best!

When these exercises are done together in one workout, they cinch all of the muscles in tight like a waist trainer, reducing the appearance of love handles and the waist.  WOO!

That’s how we’re going to target, tone, and suck in all the muscles that wrap around the love handle area like a corset. I’m going to demo the exercises for you below.


See how I’m moving in different directions to target the area around my waist and lower back?


The Best Exercises for Love Handles


Wood Chop Love Handle Exercise being done by Trainer Christina Carlyle

Wood Chop Exercise

Start with your feet shoulder-width apart, and your knees slightly bent. With a weight in your hand, start with your arm across your body, holding the weight with both hands next to the opposite hip. Bring your arm up and diagonally across your body. This works the muscles on your sides where your love handles are. Make sure you are using your core to move the weight, not just your arms.


Windmill Love Handle Exercise being done by Trainer Christina Carlyle
Windmill Love Handle Exercise

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold weights as shown.  Bend to the side the weight is on and try to take the weight to the floor, and then come back up. If you place your hand on the side that you don’t have the weight on, you should be able to feel the muscles engage.


Side Plank Exercise Christina Carlyle

Side Plank Exercise for Love Handles

Lay on your side using your elbow for support. Make sure your elbow and shoulder are in a straight line. Spread your palm out to allow for better support. Put your feet on top of each other and lift up. Hold the position for as long as you can.


Superman Love Handle Exercise being done by trainer Christina Carlyle

Superman Exercise

To do the superman exercise, lay on your stomach with your hands and legs extended.  You’re then going to lift both your upper and lower body so that your upper torso and your legs come off the ground.  Repeat until you feel the burn.  Once you feel the burn, do 5 more.


Bicycle Crunch Love Handle Exercise being done by Trainer Christina Carlyle

Bicycle Crunch Exercise

Lay on your back with your hands behind your head. Bring your legs up to a 90-degree angle. Bring your right knee towards your chest and crunch up to meet it with your left elbow and back down. Repeat with the other side.


Russian Twist Love Handle Exercise being done by Christina Carlyle

Russian Twist Exercise

Sit on your bottom with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Lift your feet up and lean back slightly.  While holding a weight, twist to one side and dip the weight down towards the floor.  Return to the start position and immediately repeat the movement on the other side.


Here are the love handle exercises again in order so you’ll know how to do the workout (See more info on how to do the workout below)

The best Exercises for Love Handles Christina Carlyle

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Lose your Love Handles Workout

  • Warm up for 5-10 minutes.
  • Repeat each exercise, 15 times, to complete 1 set.
  • If an exercise is shown only doing one side (like the wood chop exercise for example) make sure you do 15 reps on BOTH sides.
  • Do 5 full sets – of all 6 exercises – to complete the workout.
  • Cool Down with some light stretching.
  • I recommend doing this workout twice a week along with my Total Transformation Program.





  • I used an 8-pound weight.
  • If 15 reps are too difficult with 8 pounds you can use 5 pounds.  If it’s too easy you can use 10 pounds or more.
  • Whatever amount of weight you choose, make sure you can still do the exercises with proper form as shown.
  • One rep with proper form is better than 10 reps with sloppy form!


These love handle exercises only work, if you work it.  So work it!  You’re so worth it!

Did you feel the burn?  What exercise was your favorite?  Leave me a comment and let me know.  I love hearing what you think!

Hugs and Love

Your Coach and Biggest Cheerleader


Christina Carlyle

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P.P.S.  These exercises train the muscles in the love handle area… but it’s impossible to spot reduce fat.  To reduce your love handle fat faster, it’s best to follow a meal plan and complete workout program.

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