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As a former emotional eating, binge eating, food addict, I can honestly say, this is arguably the most powerful and important post and episode of CCtv I’ve ever created.  I’m going to teach you How to Lose Weight… but I’m NOT going to be talking about food or exercise.  I talk about food and exercise a lot but if you want to lose weight eating and exercise is a small part of losing weight.

I get a lot (a LOTTTTTT) of messages from people who have tried different programs to lose weight and they failed before they reached their goal. Different goal looks require different types of meal and exercise programs. But it doesn’t seem to matter what program they’ve tried either…

  • Some people were following programs to get bikini/figure competitor/stage ready
  • Some were simply trying to eat less and exercise more
  • Some were trying protein shake meal replacements
  • Others still were trying to go Vegan or Gluten Free
  • Some were trying Crossfit… others trying to train for competitive races


The diet or the type of exercise they were trying didn’t matter… the claim was the same “I FAILED.”

If you’ve tried a diet and exercise program and felt like a failure because you didn’t stick with it until you got the results you wanted, today’s episode of CCtv is for YOU!

In it, I share why a diet and exercise isn’t enough to lose weight.  The real the key to weight loss success is getting your mind right. By that I mean you have to master motivation and self-discipline… so you can prevent self-sabotage and actually stick with it until you reach your goal.  These are the ultimate 10 tips on how to lose weight.  Accepting them is the secret to becoming a weight loss success story.

I don’t care who you are, where you are, or what your goal is…

It doesn’t matter if you want to lose 5 pounds, 50 pounds or 500 pounds…

If you do not accept these 10 weight loss tips you will never make it to your goal – and keep it. NOBODY is exempt from this list. If you master these 10 weight loss tips, magic will happen.

Your weight loss journey will go a lot smoother. Diet and exercise won’t become a dreaded chore… they’ll become a welcomed part of your everyday routine. When that happens, you’ll feel more energized and confident. Your mood will improve. Your confidence will improve. And over time your the weight will disappear and you will have your goal body.



Just because you want to be a fit girl… Doesn’t mean your inner fat girl goes away


Just because you decide to eat healthy and exercise fit girl style…. That doesn’t mean your inner fat girl goes away. She will fight you every step of the way reminding you of the things you’re leaving behind. If your fit girl doesn’t find away to silence her… you’re going to stay stuck and you’re never going to make it to your goal and steps 2 – 10 won’t matter. Remind yourself of why your goal is so important and why you want it.

You’re going to have to take the fat off the same way you put it on… one pound at a time, it’s going to take you some time to get used to your fit girl self.

These posts may help you fight your inner fat girl.

How to End Emotional Eating

How to Stop Emotional Drinking

Perfection CANNOT be a part of your vocabulary

Perfectly tracking and eating calories… weighing out your macros.

Perfectly working out. Trying to be “perfect” like the genetically blessed bikini model you’re seeing on Instagram…. Ummmm no. Cause you’re built like Beyoncé but you want to be Kendall Jenner… because Kendall’s ‘perfect.’

The second you aren’t perfect, you’re going to fail. You’re going to wake up to workout but you hit the snooze button too many times… you overeat, you have cake on your birthday…. And you “fail” you’re going to feel like crap… and then you’re going to start swirling down the shame spiral toilet… it’s like quicksand… it causes eating disorders.

The second your goal is perfection you’re automatically going to start focusing on what isn’t perfect. You CANNOT. Progress is more important than perfection.




Genetically speaking, you’re like a snowflake.  There is nobody else like you on this planet and there never will be. You have your own unique genetic structure that determines your metabolic profile and muscular/skeletal structure, personality, and preferences. YOU ARE ALREADY PERFECT!

If you want to make it, you HAVE TO follow a meal plan and exercise program that works for you – 1) it has to get you results, 2) you have to like it. It has to work for YOU Not your mom. Not you coworker. Not your best friend.  Or the genetically blessed Barbie doll in a bikini on Instagram.

I recommend my programs because they’re the framework of success.  They’re based on science and actually work.  They’re not general tips but a complete plan that will get you the results you want way faster than tips will.

If you want to lose weight and feel in control, then I’d recommend my Total Transformation Program.

If you struggle with emotional eating, health issues, and want to lose weight but feel burned out, then I’d recommend my Mind Right, Body Tight® Program.


YOU HAVE TO Put Yourself First


I’m willing to bet you were at your goal weight before… You had it before and you lost it.  Why?  You stopped putting yourself first.  I know you’re trying to be everything to everyone.  You’re trying to be a perfect mom, girl friend/wife, employee/boss…. YOU HAVE TO PUT YOURSELF FIRST.

You’re the only person on this planet who will be with you every day of your life. Take care of yourself, mind body and soul. There’s a reason why the pilot tells you to put the mask on yourself before helping someone else put theirs on. Stop thinking you can’t.  Stop making excuses.  Be real, right, and polite. Be nice.  Stop fat shaming your self.  Treat yourself with respect and show yourself, love. NOBODY ELSE CAN DO IT FOR YOU. If you don’t… nobody else is going to either.

Check out, How to Get Motivated (and stay) Motivated 




Don’t expect people to get it, like it, or be as supportive as you think they should be. Just because you decide to be a fit girl doesn’t mean everyone is going to be as supportive as you think they will be.  Brace yourself.  Be prepared to say no thank you or that doesn’t work for me.  Be prepared for people to get jealous, talk shit. Your man your family your friends… It’ll come from the people you love the most.  Nobody wants to be left behind.

10 People to Avoid if you’re Trying to Lose Weight

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The scale will fluctuate like crazy so don’t let it make you crazy.  The scale isn’t measuring your effort, self-worth or real results.  Bloat is a beeyotch.  Did you know that weight training can make you retain water??  Be careful… To mentally prep yourself.  Accept that you don’t know what you don’t know about your body.

These posts will help you find peace on the scale.

There are lots of reasons why you can gain up to 10 pounds over night. Make sure you weigh yourself the right way (so you don’t freak out!).


Exercise is the easy part!  The food will mess with you!


Food is for fuel… Not for fun… Not mindless or ‘something to do’. You’re eating to give your body what it need.  Eating for pleasure isn’t an option. Eating to be full isn’t an option.

How to Stop Binge Eating


Quantity and Quality Count

Food and exercise. Delicate dance between calories in and calories out.  Food.  Exercise. A lot of people struggle because they’re not eating enough or they’re exercising too much!! STOP Goldilocks and the three bears. Too much. Too little.  You have to get it just righhhhhhttttttt…. in a way that works for you, your body type and goal look. Again, I recommend that you check out my Meal and Exercise programs. They (really) work!



Oprah said it best… “if there was a magic pill to take the fat off, I’d OWN it.” EAT HEALTHY, EXERCISE, AND THIS LIST that’s your magic pill. Beware of gimmick products. ALWAYS read the fine print… bogus products ALWAYS says a variation of “used in conjunction with diet and exercise” the gimmick didn’t get the results… the diet and exercise did!!!



It ONLY WORKS, if you work it. It’s daily… it’s not a quick fix….30 day challenge?? That’s cute… what happens on Day 30? What happens the day after your bikini competition?? The second you put the exercise down and pick the fork back up you’re going to go backwards. NOBODY is exempt from this. You have to work it everyday all day… and it’s a lot easier when you 1) silence your inner fat girl. You can give her a cookie every once in a while… give her cake on her birthday… but she can’t have her megaphone. Then you give her a hug because she needs it… and you say I love you, but we deserve better and then you say goodbye.

I hope this post helped you.  These tips can only work, if you work it, so WORK IT.  You are so worth it!!

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