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How to Get Motivated to Lose Weight


Asking yourself, “How can I get motivated to lose weight?”  or “Why Can’t I Stay Motivated?” or “How can I get motivated to exercise to get fit and healthy?”

If so, you’re not alone.

Anybody trying to lose weight goes through a similar journey.

First, you start out on fire, completely motivated to lose weight.  You know the number you want to see on the scale and how you want your transform your body.

It’s easy to exercise and say ‘no thanks!’ to junk foods in the beginning.

Making healthy choices feels natural and effortless.


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But then, everything shifts.  Suddenly, everything good for you that felt so easy to get motivated to do suddenly feels like a pesky inconvenient chore.

It become easier and easier to make excuses and harder to get motivated to keep losing weigh. Exercise seems evil, your diet feels like the devil, and you want the junk foods you’ve left behind.

“I don’t want to workout!  I’ll start over Monday!  Pizza sounds so good right now!


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When you realized you’re off track you start feeling guilty and less and less confident.

You start to feel like a failure. You know better but you did it anyway… and you find yourself thinking, “Why can’t I get motivated to lose weight and exercise again?  Why does it feel hard to get motivated now even though I was motivated before.”

Sound familiar?  This is the frustrating weight loss motivation cycle that virtually every person attempting to get fit and healthy experiences on a regular basis (myself included). If you’ve ever lost your motivation to diet and exercise, then this post is for you.

How to get Motivated to Lose Weight Christina Carlyle


Master Motivation to Lose Weight and Exercise in 3 Simple Steps


  • First, we’re going to go over the weight loss motivation stages people cycle between.
  • Second, I’m going to go over the top 5 reasons why people struggle to get and stay motivated to lose weight and exercise.
  • Third, I’m going to give you thought prompts that will make it easier for you to get motivated to reach your weight loss and wellness goals again.
  • Finally, I’m going to share links to other motivational posts that will give you tons of tips to get motivated.



Weight Loss Motivation Step 1: Figure out what Motivation stage you’re in


Being a weight loss success story is about changing your lifestyle, habits, and behaviors. Not continuously attempting temporary fads and gimmicky diets and inconsistently exercising.

Fortunately, I’ve studied behavior changed in depth.  See me explain my take on the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change.

To stay motivated to lose weight, you need to make sure you’re in the right stage, mentally.  What stage are you in?  Watch this video to find out.  When you’re done watching leave me a comment and let me know what stage you’re in.




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Motivation Stage 1:  Pre-Contemplation


In the first stage, people have no intention to change their lifestyle.  They either don’t see a reason to change their habits, don’t think there’s a problem with their body/health, or they’re happy just the way things are.

In this stage, people rationalize their thoughts. They may think to themselves “losing weight is too much work” or “life is good just the way it is” or “I don’t need to lose weight to be happy.“  The good news? If you’re reading this, you’re probably not in this phase.


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Motivation Stage 2:  Contemplation


Contemplation is the second stage where most people get stuck. In this stage, you’ve made a conscious decision to lose weight and start contemplating how to do it.  During this stage, you seek out information but aren’t actively changing your eating or exercise habits.  You may be in this stage right now.


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Motivation Stage 3:  Preparation


During the preparation stage, you feel ready to make lifestyle changes because you see that there’s a benefit associated with them.

You see change as rewarding and feel inspired to take action.  People in this stage make the effort to lose weight by making small changes like drinking more water, walking, or swapping out fries for salads.

Moving from the contemplation stage to the preparation stage is a big deal.  Many people stay in this stage while others skip this stage completely start taking action.  Skipping step 3 dramatically decreases weight loss success and motivation because it’s hard to get results without an action plan. Fail to plan, plan to fail.

Having a meal plan or exercise program helps ensure you’ll get results, which positively reinforces behavior change. If you don’t get results (aka reward) or lose weight, most people quit.



Motivation Stage 4: ACTION


The action stage of weight loss is where people struggle with weight loss motivation the most.  The action is when you’re actively changing habits, eating healthy, and exercising regularly. It’s where you’re breaking your emotional connections to food and unhealthy habits. This stage is where most people reach but end up relapsing back to the 1st or 2nd stage because they didn’t get results or couldn’t stay motivated.

People struggle with weight loss because they didn’t have the education, tools, plan, and support needed to stay motivated. If you can stay in the action motivation phase for at least 6 months, your chances of losing weight and keeping it off skyrockets. Unfortunately, do to restrictive diets, overly intense workouts, and mindset, most people don’t stay in the action phase very long.


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Motivation Stage 5:  Maintenance


In the maintenance stage, you’ve lived a healthy and active lifestyle for more than six continuous months. Eating healthy and exercising makes you feel better than temporary happiness from junk food and skipping workouts.

People (including the original non-supporters) are complimenting your weight loss and asking you for advice. Congratulations, you have successfully changed your lifestyle!  NOTE: You can still relapse back to the other stages.


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Weight Loss Motivation Step 2: Figure out WHY YOU CAN’T STAY MOTIVATED TO LOSE WEIGHT


To lose weight you have to stay in the action phase of motivation long enough until you reinforce new healthy habits but people tend get unmotivated before that happens.




Top Reasons why People Struggle with Weight Loss Motivation


1) They haven’t accepted that you have to give up the habits that caused the weight in the first place (aka You don’t want to)

Are you really ready to give up your bad habits? You don’t have to change overnight. Make a conscious effort to slowly phase out your vices, and replace them with healthier alternatives. Resistance to change comes from fear-based limiting beliefs.  Most people either are afraid of change, afraid of failure, or afraid of rejection.


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2) They’re not emotionally excited enough about their weight loss goal as much as they need to be

They don’t want to lose weight bad enough. Get crystal clear about what you want, why you want it, and how (freaking!) good it’s going to be when you get it. Visualize it!  Think about how bad you want it every time that little devil on your shoulder is trying to get you to cheat on your diet or skip the gym. A Weight Loss Vision Board can help you stay motivated and focused.

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3) They aren’t getting the results they want… so they give up out of frustration

This happens when you don’t follow a complete plan that’s best for you and your goal.  Make sure you’re following the right program for you. But it’s also important that you follow professional weight loss and wellness advice.  Preferably a professional who completely understands the exercise, nutrition, and how to use both to lose fat, and keep you motivated, in a way that’s tailored to suit you perfectly.

Hint: That’s what I do. ; )  Learn more about my story about how I mastered weight loss motivation and how I work here.


How to get motivated to lose weight Christina Carlyle


4) They have something working against their metabolism that makes them feel unmotivated

Motivation struggles are often a symptom of a much bigger root cause.  It is A LOT HARDER to stay motivated if you have toxic build-up, metabolic dysfunction, hormone imbalances, and limiting beliefs working against you.

The good news is, it’s completely possible to use food and exercise to reset your body quickly and reverse problems so you can lose fat fast.  (like up to 10 pounds in 7 days fast)

Please leave me a comment and let me know which of the 4 motivation issues you struggle with the most or if I missed one.



Weight Loss Motivation Step 3: Get motivated to lose weight again


Every single day people ask me how to get motivated.  Then there are people who feel bad because they were motivated but feel frustrated because they can’t STAY motivated.

The key to getting – and staying motivated – is getting crystal clear and focused about what you really want and why it’s important to you.  Not your mom, significant other, doctor, friend, or anyone else.  Motivation must come from YOU otherwise you’ll never stay motivated.

What do YOU want?

  • To lose ___ pounds?
  • To wear a size ____?
  • To fit into your favorite dress?

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Why do YOU want it?  Why is it important to YOU?

  • Why is your goal important to you?
  • Do you want to look good?
  • To feel good?
  • PRO TIP:  The more emotional you put behind your reasons from wanting your goals makes it easier to get motivated!  What do you want??  Why do you want it?  What benefits will you experience?  Why do you want to look and feel good? To turn heads? Prove people wrong? Make your ex’s jaw drop?


Whatever your why is make sure it jazzes you up so that you remember why losing weight is important to you when you’re tempted off track or to skip your workouts.  The more emotionally powerful your reasons aka ‘Why you want this is’ the easier it is to get motivated to take action.

Please note, life and emotions cycle. Everything does. Feeling motivated isn’t sustainable. When you know what you want and having really good reasons for wanting it, it’s a lot easier to get motivated and stay motivated to lose weight and exercise.

If you find that you still struggle to stay motivated, you may simply not be ready to lose weight.  And that’s ok, too. Give yourself time!  Practice makes perfect and it only works if you work it!  But you don’t have to be perfect to work it.

So work it!  You are so worth it!!!


Your Coach and Biggest Cheerleader




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How to Get Motivated to Lose Weight and Exercise Christina Carlyle


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